Tim Kenny

Tim Kenny, Director of Education, Minnesota
Landscape Arboretum, welcomes conferees

CArissa Schively Slotterback break-out session

Presentation by Carissa Schively Slotterback,
University of Minnesota

Don Shelby welcome address

Don Shelby of WCCO addresses conferees

Rusty Schmidt

Presentation by Rusty Schmidt, Washington
Conservation District


Photos by Julie Westerlund
Minnehaha Creek Watershed District


SEPTEMBER 24 & 25, 2009

Morse, Nelson, Wagenius, Broberg

Steve Morse,  Minn. Environmental Partnership
Darby Nelson,  Secretary, L-SOHC
State Representative Jean Wagenius
Jeff Broberg, Vice-Chair, LCCMR

Poster session

Poster session in the Great Hall

John Bilotta and fellow conferees

John Bilotta, NEMO (r) and fellow conferees
enjoy lunch al fresco at the Arboretum

arika and ebony

Future conservationists: Arika Paukner (l) and
Ebony Turner, Arboretum staff and graduates
of the Arboretum's CityFresh garden-based
programs for youth



afternoon break in reedy gallery

Afternoon break in the Reedy Gallery

michael mucha

Michael Mucha, Director of Public Works,
Olympia, WA

Schueler, Larson, Westerlund, Riggs

Tom Schueler, Chesapeake Stormwater
Kris Larson, Minnesota Land Trust
Julie Westerlund, Minnehaha Creek Watershed
Jay Riggs, Washington Conservation District

psoter session 2

Morning break in the Great Hall