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At the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

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Check out coverage of the Summit on Kare 11, in the Star Tribune, and on Minnesota Public Radio, where keynote speaker Dr. Ben Santer was featured on the Midday program.

Presented by the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in collaboration with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District and the Minnesota Climate Change Adaptation Working Group.

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Thursday, September 16
Green Infrastructure for Clean Water:
Techniques for Urban Development
and Redevelopment

Stormwater Management:
Back to the Future
Andrew J. Reese

Water-Centric Design (Part 1 pdf):
Restoring Nature's Balance (Part 2 pdf)

James M. Patchett

Maplewood Mall Stormwater Retrofits
Julie Vigness-Pint, Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District

Greening the Grounds at Murphy
Richard T. Murphy Jr. ,
President/CEO,  Murphy Warehouse Co.

Managing a Cost-efficient Water Quality
Unit: Prior Lake
Ross Bintner, City of Prior Lake

Living Streets: Community Improvement
and Environmental Benefits
Clifton J. Aichinger, North St. Paul
Planning Commission and
Fred Rozumalski, Barr Engineering

Stillwater Reduces Water Under
The Bridge
Torry Kraftson, City of Stillwater

Stormwater Management and Infiltration 
Along the Central Corridor LRT Project
Michael Hermann, PE, Kimley-Horn
and Associates, Inc.

Climate Adaptation: The Role of
Green Infrastructure in the
Face of an Uncertain Climate
James M. Patchett


rain garden


Friday, September 17
Adapting for an Uncertain Climate:
Preparing for the Next 100 Years

Opening Remarks
Dr. Mark Seeley, University of Minnesota,
Minnesota Public Radio

Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Climate Models
Dr. Ben Santer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Climate Services for Society:
Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Eileen Shea, NOAA Climate Services

How Chicago Is Adapting to Climate
Peter Mulvaney,
MS, MBA, Asst. Commissioner, Water Management Dept., City of Chicago, IL

Which Climate Model Is Best?
Dr. Ben Santer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Climate Change in Minnesota
: Current
Trends and Model Projections

Dr. Mark Seeley, University of Minnesota, Minnesota Public Radio

Climate Services: Information and Partnerships
Dr. Eileen Shea, NOAA Climate Services

From the Cornbelt to the North Woods:
Understanding the Response of Minnesota
Watersheds to Climate Change
Dr. Chris Lenhart, Bioproducts and Biosytems Engineering, U of Minn.

Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change in Minnesota
Dr. John Baker

Preparing for Extreme Events
Paul Huttner, Minnesota Public Radio

Challenges of Change for Aquatic
Resource Management

Dr. Don Pereira, MN-DNR

Climate Change in the Forest and Lake
Country of Northern Minnesota
Dr. Lee Frelich, U of Minnesota

Assessing Vulnerability
Dr. Ann Pierce, MN DNR

Climate Gets Personal: Human Health
Kristin Raab, MN Dept. of Health