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Open year-round, the Arboretum offers exciting benefits for the whole family, including free admission for children age 12 and under when accompanied by an adult member. All membership fees are 100% tax deductible. Questions? Call the Membership Office at 612-301-1257 or email

The MN Landscape Arboretum is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to be a growing resource for horticultural information, plant conservation, research and education.  To inspire and delight a growing visitorship with outstanding displays, collections and natural areas. The Gardens are funded through memberships, individual donations, memorial and tribute gifts, grants, corporate support and planned giving. Join in our stewardship by donating today! Tax deductible contributions at any level are sincerely appreciated. 






CONTRIBUTION LEVEL $49 $79 $99 $150-299 $300-499 $500-999 $1,000+    
Free Admission to the Arboretum

1 Adult
& children 12 & under.

2 Adults
& children 12 & under
4 Adults
& children 12 & under.
8 Adults
& children 12 & under
8 Adults
& children 12 & under
8 Adults
& children 12 & under
8 Adults
& children 12 & under
Reciprocal gardens admission in the U.S. Access a free directory of participating gardens on the American Horticultural Society's website or Click Here. •  •  •  •  •  •  •     
Subscription to Arboretum magazine, delivered bi-monthly •  •  •  •  •  •  •     
Bi-Weekly Email  •  •  •  •  •  •  •     
Free gardening and plant advice from the Yard & Garden Desk on weekends in the Oswald Visitor Center •  •  •  •  •  •  •     
Discounts on Arboretum travel tours. Join an Arboretum-sponsored trip to gardens in the U.S. and around the world. •  •  •  •  •  •  •     
10% Discount on Gift Store and AppleHouse purchases.    
Double Discount Days in the Gift Store    
10% Discount on room rentals    
Restaurant coupons for free beverage and seasonal special.     
One 2 for 1 coupon on the Trumpet Creeper Tram Tour    
Reduced member price for classes PLUS a special $5 off selected class coupon    
Invitation to special member events, including Spotlight Series for informal gatherings that provide behind-the-scenes look at the Arboretum and its programs.

Listing in the Annual Report          
EZ PASS Lane admission          

Membership FAQs


Do you offer a Membership that allows me to bring a friend each visit?

Yes, all membership levels above our Solo membership level offer general Arboretum admission for one or more additional guests per day. Please visit the Membership section of our website for further details.

Is my membership valid at other gardens, museums and area attractions?

The MN Landscape Arboretum is a member of the American Horticultural Society ...As a benefit to our members, there are over 300+ other gardens across the United States in which you may use your membership. If you are traveling, be sure to check out the list of reciprocal gardens by going to the following website


I am a person with a disability and need a caregiver to assist me with my visit. What do you recommend?

If you hold or purchase a Solo membership, your caregiver will be required to pay the regular admission price of $12. You may want to consider purchasing a Duo or Duo+2 Membership which will allow you to bring your caregiver as your additional guest each visit.


Do you offer a Membership for two individuals?

Yes, all membership levels above our Solo membership extend membership benefits to two named cardholders.


Can my nanny/babysitter bring my children to the Arboretum using my Duo, Duo+2, Friend, Supporting, Sustaining or Associate membership?

Yes. Please visit the Membership Desk and we will put a sticker on your Membership cards allowing a childcare provider to bring children covered under your Membership to the Arboretum. The childcare provider must present either the Primary or Secondary Members' cards. The childcare provider will be considered the additional guest per day. Children 12 and under are always free.


Do you offer a membership for families with adult children?

Yes. All membership levels above our Solo membership offer general Arboretum admission for one or more additional guests each day. Please visit the Membership section of our website for further details.


Do the primary and secondary cardholders need to live in the same household?

Yes, An Arboretum membership is a household membership. The 2 cardholders do need to live in the same household. As a non-profit, the Arboretum is able to grow through the generous support of our members. Card-sharing greatly reduces the ability for the Arboretum to grow. If you are currently sharing and would like to purchase separate memberships, please contact the membership office at 612-301-1257.


Do I have to have a secondary cardholder?

For certain membership levels, a secondary cardholder is part of the package. Membership benefits extend only to named cardholders and, where applicable, their children ages 12 and under. If your membership includes a secondary cardholder, we recommend that you name a second member (in your household) but it is not a requirement. However, having a secondary cardholder allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of of being a member of the Arboretum, i.e., Gift Store discounts, etc.


Do you offer a membership for students?

No, we do not offer student memberships. However, current University of Minnesota (all campuses) students with a valid student ID are granted free admission each visit.


Do you offer any other types of discounted membership?

Yes, discounted memberships are offered to affiliate groups associated with the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Discounts are also given to employees of current corporate partners. Please visit the Membership page on the Arboretum website to see a full list of eligible discount partners.


Do you have two-year memberships?

In an effort to continue to provide satisfying  experiences for our members, we limit our memberships to one year. By limiting the length of membership, we are able to more easily evolve and enhance the membership program and benefits to better serve member needs. Members are still able to take advantage of all of the benefits that they currently enjoy. Renewal notices will continue to be sent with incentives to encourage members to renew early.


Do you have a lifetime membership level?

We do not offer a lifetime membership and have no plans to offer this in the near future.


Is my membership refundable?

Membership funds are considered a tax-dedctible donation to the Arboretum. Memberships are non-refundable.  


Is my membership transferable? 

Memberships are not transferable. 


I purchased a membership. Does my employer match my membership donation?

You may make a larger impact through your giving if your company has a matching gift program. Many companies offer programs that match charitable contributions from their employees at rates as high as 2 to 1 or higher. To find out if your company has a matching gift program, please check with your employer’s human resource department for a form to submit. 


How do I join?

How do I become a Member?

Memberships are available for purchase online by visiting, in person at the Membership or Information Desk in the Oswald Visitor Center, by calling 612-301-1257 for basic level memberships, 612-301-1264 for donor level memberships at $150+ or by mail (download form here).


Can I apply my paid admission to my Membership if I decide to join?

Yes, you may apply a $12 paid gate admission discount toward the cost of your Basic Level Membership (Solo, Duo & Duo+2 membership only) on the day of your visit. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot apply this credit online. Please inquire by phone at 612-301-1257, or stop by the Membership or Information Desk in the Oswald Visitor Center for specific details. 


I do not want to wait 2-4 weeks to use my card. Can I use the membership right away?

Thank you for your Membership purchase, here is what to expect:

I JOINED ONLINE: If you would like to visit the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum soon, please bring your print-at-home temporary Membership card (received via email) for quick and easy access to the Arboretum. Permanent membership materials arrive in 2-4 weeks.

I JOINED BY MAIL OR PHONE: If visiting the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum prior to receiving your membership cards in the mail, please let the Gate House know that you recently purchased a new membership or renewed your membership and that you need to pick up your temporary membership card(s), they will direct you to the Membership or Information Desk and they will provide a temporary membership card for quick and easy access to the Arboretum. Permanent membership cards will arrive in 2-4 weeks.

Can I change the name(s) on my membership after purchase?

If you joined within the last two weeks, and wish to change the name(s) on your card, you must return all of your current membership cards to be issued cards with the new name(s). A fee of $5 will be charged for the new cards. However, you may change the name(s) on your membership at the time of yearly renewal.


Can I upgrade to a higher level of membership?

Yes. We understand your membership needs change over time. You have the the following options for upgrading to a higher level

1. If you have less than 2 months left on your Membership:
If you wish to upgrade any time less than 2 months prior to your renewal date, you will be asked to submit payment in full for the upgraded level. You will be given all of the benefits of the membership level you have upgraded into and we will extend your Membership a full year from its current expiration date.

2. If you have more than 2 months left on your membership:
If you wish to upgrade any time more than 2 months prior to your renewal date, you will be asked to pay the difference between the current level and the upgraded level. You will need to surrender both of the current level membership cards and your temporary card will be issued with the new level. Permanent membership cards will arrive in 2-4 weeks.


How can I update my credit card on file?

Sorry, Arboretum staff do not have access to your username and password. If you set up an automatic renewal online,  you will need to log into your profile account to change your credit card information.


Can I downgrade to a different membership level?

Yes. We understand your membership needs change over time. The option to downgrade your membership level is available at your time of renewal.


When will my Membership expire?

Your membership is valid for 1 year from the date you purchased it. The expiration date is the end of the month of purchase. You can always email or call 612-301-1257 to inquire about your expiration date.


Is my Membership tax deductible?

Yes, a Minnesota Landscape Arboretum membership is 100% tax deductible. If you have additional questions, please consult your tax professional.

I want to add my dog to my existing membership, what do I need to do?
For details on dog memberships visit 
I would like to remove a name from my membership, how can I do this?
Your membership is good for one year, at time of renewal the primary account holder may request the name be removed. If the addresses of the primary and secondary household members has changed, please notify membership at email or call 612-301-1257.

What are my Member benefits?

What are the benefits of being a Member?

At the Basic membership levels (Solo, Duo, Duo +2) benefits include year-round admission to the Arboretum, 10% discount in the Gift Store, coupons for discounts on classes, tram tickets, and the Café. At the donor level, benefits include the above, plus…For more information, please visit for more detail.


Do member benefits apply to my additional guests for the Duo, Duo+2, Friend, Sustaining, Supporting and Associate Memberships?

Member benefits apply only to named cardholders.


Do I receive complimentary 1-time use guest passes with my membership?

All levels include 2 complimentary 1-time use guest passes.

Complimentary guest passes are mailed when the membership cards are mailed out. If you purchase your membership onsite, you will still need to wait until your permanent cards arrive in the mail. Permanent cards will mail within 2-4 weeks. Complimentary guest passes do not expire and will not be replaced if lost or stolen.


Is there a group discount?

Yes, We sell VIP passes at the membership desk and the information desk which benefit large groups.
If you purchase 10 or more VIP admission passes you receive a discount of $2 per pass.

Renewing FAQs


If I renew my membership before it expires, how will this affect my expiration date?

You will not lose any time if you renew early! Your membership is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. If you renew your membership early, that membership will not start until your current one expires. If you upgrade your Membership in the middle of a cycle, the new membership will not start until your current one expires.


I recently joined and still have not received my membership card. I'd like to visit soon.

Membership processing takes 2–4 weeks. During busier seasons, processing can take longer. If you would like to visit the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum prior to receiving your Membership cards in the mail, please let the Gate House know that you have recently Joined/Renewed and you need to pick up a temporary membership card. They will then direct you to the Membership or Information Desk to pick up your temporary card. If you purchased online and you do not have your temporary card or email confirmation of your purchase, stop by the Membership or Information Desk and we will provide you with a temporary card.


I have not received any mailings since I became a Member.

Please call us at 612-301-1257 or email us at to let us know so we can look into the problem and be sure to mail or email all pertinent information to you. You should be receiving the Arboretum Magazine bi-monthly and the Arboretum eNews bi-weekly.


How do I update my contact information?

You can update your contact information by calling 612-301-1257 or email If you have an online profile visit and login update your information.


How can I get a replacement Membership card?

No worries, we've got you! If your card has been lost, we can replace your card for a processing fee of $5. Please call our office at 612-301-1257 or stop by the Membership or Information Desk to request replacement materials. 


Can I still get in if I forgot my member card? 

Yes, the Gate House attendant will take your license and check to make sure your membership is active in the system.  


I misplaced/threw away my complimentary one-time use VIP admission passes. Can they be reissued?

Unfortunately, complimentary guest tickets cannot be reissued, as they have a $24 retail value ($12 each).


How do I change my Membership to take advantage of more benefits?

 We would be delighted to upgrade your Membership at any point during the year. Please call 612-301-1257 and ask for details.


Why did I just receive another renewal notice, when I already renewed my Membership?

If you have already renewed your Membership and sent in payment, please disregard the renewal notice. The renewal notice and payment probably crossed paths in the mail.


How do I set up recurring gifts?

Recurring payments can only be set up online. You must first create an account.
For step-by-step recurring payment instructions click here


Can my membership be auto renewed?

To schedule a recurring/auto renewed membership  at the time of Joining or Renewing your membership online a check box can be found at the billing information check out page. Currently, you are unable to change your account to auto renewal until time of renewal without being charged. 

If you check Auto Renewal it will securely save your credit card information for the following year and charge the account a few weeks before expiration of your membership.


Giving the Gift of Membership


How do I purchase a membership to give as a gift? 

You may purchase the Gift of Membership online, via phone 612-301-1257, or mail.


COST: $250

Join or Renew your today! Your Care Center membership gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Arboretum all year round! 

Please enjoy all of the benefits of your Care Center Membership:

  • 1 care center lanyard (admits one van vehicle); bring lanyard with you and show at gatehouse for admission)
  • Complimentary magazine
  • Recognition in the Arboretum’s annual report
  • 10% off personal memberships for all your employees*

Show your appreciation to all staff by giving them a discount on their own Arboretum membership and encouraging them to decompress with a power-walk after work, gardening class or relaxed weekend outing with family and friends.


Contact 612-301-1257 for details or to Join or Renew your Care Center Membership!

Click Here for a printable PDF application. 


Generous, tax deductible contributions like yours allow the Arboretum to maintain excellence in the gardens, add to the broad scope of displays possible on our 1,200+ acre site, conduct valuable research, and provide educational programs for all ages.   


COST: $125

Click Here to download an application form

An annual Garden Club/Plant Society Membership to the MN Landscape Arboretum demonstrates your essential support for the Arboretum and offers numerous benefits to your organization and its members. We value your contribution, and wish to offer value in return.


Free Admission Options

  Membership Lanyard: The club may choose to receive a membership lanyard allowing admission for up to 6 guests arriving at the same time free of charge, year-round. The name of the club will appear on the member lanyard; present the lanyard at the gate for admission.


  Gate Passes: The club may elect instead to receive 20 admission passes to be used as the club/society wishes. The passes, valued at $12 each, are single-use, good for one free gate admission/one visit each.


  The contact person/officer receives the bi-monthly Arboretum magazine with important information to share with your members about upcoming events, classes and programs.

Room Rentals

  Member organizations receive one free rental of a Snyder Building classroom per year for club/society meeting purposes. Additional rentals are offered at a 15% discounted rate.
  Gate admission fee is waived for all club/society members attending these meetings.
  Contact the Arboretum’s Reservations office (612) 301-7600 to make arrangements.


Discounted Memberships for Your Members

   Clubs/Societies are requested to provide a current roster of its members.

   Each of your members are eligible for a special 10% discount on the three basic Arboretum membership levels –Solo, Duo, and Duo + 2, as long as your group maintains its Club/Society membership.


The Arboretum offers a 10% discount off any basic level of Arboretum membership. Check the list below to determine if you are eligible for a discount.

Can't be combined with any other discounts.


  • Current members of University of MN Alumni Association
  • Current members of University of MN Retirees Association
  • Current members of MN State Horticultural Society
  • Current staff of University of MN
  • Educators (K-12)
  • Military and Veteran Households
  • Master Gardeners
  • Participants of any group events or tours at the Arboretum (valid on the day of the event only)
  • Members of a garden club or plant society if your organization holds a current Club/Society membership at the Arboretum
  • Staff of a Care Center if your organization holds a current Care Center membership at the Arboretum
  • Staff of a Business if your organization holds a current Business or Corporate membership at the Arboretum
  • People in need of a Limited Income Discount
  • Special discount code recipients

Please Note: You must enter your promo code or type in your affiliation in the comments section on the membership level form. If it is not filled in, the membership team will contact you to determine eligibility.

Categories of Membership

Solo/Apple, $44 (Regularly $49)
One adult named on member card receives admission and all benefits of membership. One member card issued. Gate fee charged for guests.

Duo/Pine, $71 (Regularly $79)
Two adults receive admission and all benefits of membership. Member card issued for each name on membership. Gate fee charged for guests.

Duo + 2/Rose, $89 (Regularly $99)
Two adults receive admission and all benefits of membership, plus free admission for two additional adult guests each visit. Member card issued for each name on membership.

If you are not eligible for any of the above, please click here for basic membership options.

Other Ways To Join

IMPORTANT: Memberships are non-transferable. Please carry your membership card with you to show at the gatehouse for admission and for member discounts in the Gift Store and AppleHouse. Member plus guest may take advantage of reduced class fees. Only those adults named on the membership card may receive free services at the Yard & Garden Desk.