Youth Voices Conference

Youth Voices Conference

 Conference Report

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Youth Voices Conference

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Lesson’s Learned Presentations at the Conference:

Youth Teams from around the nation present their stories, in their own words. Listen for lessons learned, favorite moments, least favorite moments, and long term impacts of garden programs on their lives. Click Here to see sample questions/topics that youth teams will be discussing during their presentations. 


 MN Landscape Arboretum, Minneapolis, MN - City Fresh

Wave Hill, Bronx, NY – Forest Project Summer Collaborative

Chicago Botanical Gardens, Chicago IL – Green Youth Farm

Cleveland Botanical Gardens, Cleveland, OH – Green Corps

Youth Farm and Market Project, Minneapolis, MN

Youth Voices Conference

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Endorsing Partners
American Horticultural Society
Cornell University - Garden Based Learning
Kalediscope Kids Place

University of MN Children Youth and Family Consortium
University of MN Extension/ Dean of Extension
University of MN Humphrey Institute


University of MN-Master Gardeners
West Central Regional Partnership



Who Should Attend

  • Garden based program designers and practitioners
  • Grant funding organizations
  • Program evaluators and researchers
  • Grant writers
  • School Board Members
  • Out of school organizations serving youth
  • Local Government
  • Individuals/organizations interested in starting a garden based program
  • Extension Services
  • Master Gardeners
  • Arboretum/Botanic Gardeners
  • Politicians

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