Heighten enthusiam for gardening and encourage citizens to live healthier lives in your community. The Walk-By Learning approach launches the student into discovery learning by pairing demonstration gardening with informative and visually appealing signs.



1. Choose a garden site with high traffic 

2. Plant the crops 

Pine County Walk-By Learning Garden 2011

3. Post Walk-By Learning signs

4. Share! Take and post photos on social networks, your local Master Gardener website, and encourage your community to get involved



The signs are best printed on a material that can withstand water, wind, sun, and a little bumping around. Laminated paper can work, but has a very short lifespan and often looks ragged quickly, whereas an aluminum-composite substrate (dibond) will ensure your prints last at least 2 years.

Prices for production quality laminated prints on Dibond are as follows: (includes tax and shipping)

The great Tomato Countdown Set - (includes optional Yield and Flavor signs) = $191.52

The great Tomato Countdown Set = $142.71

Smart Snack Signs = $134.34

Eat Yourself Healthy = $136.51

For an additional $35, you can customize your signs by adding your organization's logo, or that of a sponsor - a neighborhood store, church, business or individual willing to cover the cost of sign production.

To order a set of signs, contact FASTSIGNS at 952-541-1944. You may also download the pdfs which can be viewed on the pages to the right.


Walk-By Learning Sign Sets

The Great Tomato Countdown


Smart Snacks


Eat Yourself Healthy