Veggies By the Yard

Veggies By The Yard

Each Veggies By The Yard bed measures only 4 ft x 12 ft - so how much food can you actually grow? Let's find out!
Come see these five Veggies By The Yard beds growing at the Arboretum, where visitors will help tally the harvest every Saturday June - September. The garden layouts are provided here - you're invited to plant your own version at home, then compare your results with others and with ours.

Tips to get started:
1. Be sure to allow a mulched or mowed path surrounding each Veggies By The Yard design. Crops are spaced to fill in completely as they mature, shading out the weeds. With no room to stand among them, you'll need an access path to tend the bed.

2. It takes good, friable soil in full sun to grow productive crops. Till it and work in compost or composted manure before planting. Even better, do a soil test and follow the recommendations for improving fertility.

3. Three of the five designs use stakes, cages and trelliswork to grow crops vertically, allowing for closer spacing and a more abundant harvest in limited space. Without vertical support, crops will need wider spacing.

BLOG ALL ABOUT IT!!! Share your progress and challenges on the Veggies by the Yard blog.  Plus, you can check out the progress of Master Gardeners who are testing these gardens at thirteen locations across Minnesota.

First Timer's Garden
These are the best crops for beginning gardeners, easy to start from seed and garden-store transplants. Plant it all at once, in late May.
First Timer's garden layout
First Timer's harvest tally

Grow and harvest two seasons of fast-maturing crops from the same planting bed. Plant it full in early spring with cool-loving crops to pick in June; replant in mid-summer for a fall harvest.
Two-in-One garden layout 
Two-in-One harvest tally

Dig It!
Plant a garden bed of "buried treasure", filled with roots and tubers ready to be unearthed at harvest time.
Dig It! garden layout
Dig It! harvest tally

Salad Lovers Special
Grow flavorful greens, tomatoes, cukes and more to fill your salad bowl all summer, with herbs and edible flowers for zing and fun.
Salad Lovers Special garden layout
Salad Lovers Special harvest tally

Adventurous Cooks
Here is the best of the rest, including some unusual crops to challenge both the gardeners that grow them and the cooks that use them.
Adventurous Cooks garden layout
Adventurous Cooks harvest tally