Veggie Essentials

Your basic garden for survival (or for making a great tasty soup!). This garden is making an homage to local German heritage and cuisine. 

In July, we'll harvest some peas and bush beans. August will see onions, peppers, loose leaf lettuce, carrots and cabbage.

Featured Veggies:
Peas - 'Knight' and 'Wando'
Bush Beans - 'Green Bush'
Potatoes - 'Nicola'
Cabbage - 'Ruby Perfection'
Pepper - 'Golden Summer'
Lettuce - 'Australian Yellowleaf' and 'Mascara'
Carrots - 'Ya Ya'
Onions - 'Candy'
Tomatoes - 'Burpee Big Boy'

Ted's Tip:
Keep the garden going -- fill holes while considering day to harvest.