Sixteen sculptures...four seasons...infinite wonder.

Steve Tobin's sculptures are a dramatic fusion of nature and art.  Set among the Arboretum's glowing gardens and peaceful groves, they invite you to touch, stroll through or even lie down beneath them, to discover your own unique views of the land around you, views that change with the light and the seasons. 


This is the first exhibition ever of Tobin's Steelroots sculpture series in Minnesota, and only its second showing worldwide. It showcases:

  • Thirteen sculptures of massive rolled and bent steel pipes soaring up to 40 feet in height
  • A pair of bronze root sculptures titled "Romeo & Juliet" 
  • A bronze sculpture of a forest floor
  • Steel interpretations of pine cones
  • Five 'child-sized' root sculptures 3-5 feet high


Sculptures will be sited around the Visitor Center and along a 0.6 mile paved walk from the Visitor Center to the ever-popular Maze Garden. They rise in scale as the landscape changes from intimate gardens of roses, dwarf evergreens and bright perennials to quiet groves of towering oaks and pines. Is it art framed by nature or nature framed by art? The interplay invites your participation, to see what's around you with fresh eyes.

Check out the Steelroots events and programs, even ideas, for seeing these
unique sculptures in a different light each season.


Plan to refresh your natural spirit through the seasons. Steelroots sculptures range in color, deep black, ethereal white or rust-toned patina. As the Arboretum landscape shifts from misty spring green to verdant summer, fall russet and gold, then winter's hushed snows, each seasonal change brings new dimensions to the work.



Get your family outdoors and moving, with this unique opportunity to explore art and nature together.  Exercise your imagination AND your body - in fact, Steelroots is fine art you can crawl under.  

Kids, print your own Steelroots Adventure Guide (print guide front to back) to bring along, or pick one up when you arrive. Create your own drawing or story from your visit and enter it for prizes awarded by age group (5 and under, 6-12 years) and seasons throughout the exhibition.


Keep your feet 'rooted to the ground'.

While we encourage visitors to touch, walk through and lie beneath the Steelroots, climbing or hanging on the sculptures is prohibited.  These are works of art.  They were not created for play:

  • there are no uniform footholds
  • there is no fall surface underneath to protect a child
  • climbing interferes with the enjoyment of other visitors

Thank you for your cooperation. "Acclaimed Pennsylvania Artist Steve Tobin Exhibits at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum"

UMNews "This Week @Minnesota: Steelroots, Summer at the U and Wesbrook Hall"