General Information: Enjoy 16 miles of cross-country ski and snowshoe trails that meander along 1,000-plus acres of woodland, prairie, wetland, and open fields. When conditions are favorable, snowshoes are available to rent at the Information Desk in the Visitor Center for $6.50 per hour and $4.50 for each additional hour. Sorry, we do not rent cross-country ski equipment.

The Arboretum offers a variety of trails to accommodate a range of skill levels. Please note the trails have changed; new, updated trail maps are available at the Info Desk. The trails are groomed when there is an adequate base of snow. The recent donation by Polaris of an energy-efficient utility snowmobile has greatly improved the Arboretum's trail-grooming capability. Ski trails begin and end at the east end of the Snyder Building in the staff parking lot. To inquire whether trails are open, and what their condition is, please call 612-625-9793.

About the Trails
Lost Pond Trail (1.0 K)
- Gently rolling hills through maple and basswood forest.
Green Heron Trail (2.0 K) - Beginner's trail, one short hill to start, then flat. Circles the bog area and Green Heron Pond. Starts at trailhead.
Ridge Trail (1.6 K) - More difficult trail with a few challenging hills through large oak and basswood trees.
North Ridge Trail Loop (1.7 K) - One climb and one downhill. Traverses open field, tree collections.
South Ridge Trail Loop (1.7 K) - Two hills to climb and one long downhill trail through fields, wetlands, oak collection and rhododendron garden.
Prairie Trail (4.5 K) - Gently rolling trail through tree collection to the prairie and return.

Snowshoe/Hiking Trail (12 K) - A gently rolling trail through mature forest, the wildflower garden, Arborvitae collection, prairie & wetland.

For Walkers
3-Mile Drive is closed to vehicles but plowed for walkers. Salt is not used - it is harmful to plants. Please watch for ice.
Please, no hiking on ski trails!

A brief reminder:
The Arboretum is a research facility, so plants must remain undisturbed. The trail of even one skier can damage plants.
• Please stay on the groomed trails and follow directional signs.
• Arboretum trails are designed and groomed for traditional skiing only. No skate-skiing.
• Snowmobiling and horseback riding are not allowed on the Arboretum grounds.
• Please do not hike, snowshoe or bring sleds or dogs on ski trails as damage to the trails will result.
• There are separate routes for snowshoeing/hiking.

For your Safety
The Arboretum does not have a ski patrol or staff available to ski to an emergency on the trail. We strongly recommend that you not ski alone. In case of emergency, go to the Oswald Visitor Center Information Desk. The Arboretum requires that you ski during times that the Visitor Center is open. The entry gate is locked at 5:30 p.m. every evening.

Please stay on groomed trails.