Salad Lovers Special Garden Layout
Grow flavorful greens, tomatoes, cukes and more to fill your salad bowl all summer, with herbs and edible flowers for zing and fun.

NOTES: Plants will need vertical support to be spaced this closely. Allow cucumbers to spill over edge of raised bed or provide a trellis; use stakes or cages for tomatoes and peppers. Plant tomatoes & peppers in an alternating pattern at 24" spacing. Starred crops (*) may be harvested and replanted in same row for an extra crop. After first lettuce is harvested, sow a heat-resistant variety like ‘Summercrisp' for second crop.


Salad Lovers Special
  Pepper Use transplants
3 plants, 24" apart
Use transplants
3 plants, 24" apart
  Herbs (pineapple mint, marjoram, basil) Use transplants, 12 plants total, 24" apart, in front & back of each tomato & pepper
Plant seeds
Sow seed with 3 seeds per spot, 12" apart, thin to one plant
Use transplants
9 plants, 12" apart between nasturtium and cucumber
Use transplants or plant from seed
Space 12" apart in front of oregano and cucumber
Use transplants
Plant double row, 6" between plants, 8" between rows
  Lettuce Plant seeds in a single row, 1" apart

Arboretum's chosen varieties for 2010

Pepper ‘Fat N Sassy'
Tomato ‘Big Beef'
Tomato ‘Sun Gold'
Herbs - pineapple mint, marjoram, basil
Cucumber ‘Little Leaf'
Cucumber ‘Bush Champion'
Nasturtium ‘Peach Melba Superior'
Onion ‘Ailsa Craig'
Lettuce ‘Simpson Elite'

Many varieties of these vegetables are available locally and will perform well in this region. Varieties chosen by Arboretum gardeners for 2010 Veggies by the Yard garden plantings at the Arboretum are available from Johnny's Seed Company or Territorial Seed Company.