Salad Garden

Designed especially for small spaces, this garden shows that veggies, herbs and flowers can make great neighbors. 

In July, we'll harvest smaller tomatoes, sugar snap peas, mustard, cuttings of basil and parsley, kale, cauliflower, radishes, Romaine lettuce and peppers and nasturtiums will be in bloom. August will see the harvesting of Malabar spinach, broccoli, Bibb and Butterhead lettuce, onions and red peppers.

Featured Veggies:
tomatoes - 'Totem'
sugar snap peas 
mustard greens - 'Ruby Streak' and 'Golden Frill'
basil - 'Sweet Salad Basil'
parsley - 'Curled'
Malabar spinach - Territorial'
spinach - 'Spargo'
Swiss Chard - 'Golden Sunrise'
broccoli - 'Packman'
cauliflower - 'Green Harmony'
Romaine lettuce - 'De Morges Braun,' 'Green Forest,' 'Romulus' and 'Winter Density'
Bibb lettuce - 'Carmona Red'
Butterhead lettuce - 'Australe'
leaf lettuce - 'Vulcan' and 'Baby Oak Leaf'
Summer crisp lettuce - 'Barbados' and Mottistone'
arugula - 'Astro'
endive - Bianca Riccia'
kale - 'Red Russian'
onions - 'Red Delicious'
radish - 'Spalta' and 'Cherriette'
pepper - 'Bell Boy'
carrots - 'Sugarsnax 54' 
nasturtiums - 'Tip Top Alaska Mix'

Ted's Tip:
Change out mid-summer to heat-tolerant varieties.