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Discover a delicious bounty of ideas on
how to eat fresh and grow your own

Veggies By The Yard


See these small-scale vegetable garden beds growing at the Arboretum AND try growing them yourself at home. Five simple designs created by Arboretum gardeners to maximize harvest from a small space, with ideas for both first-time gardeners and veterans.

BLOG ALL ABOUT IT!!! Share your progress and challenges on the Veggies by the Yard blog.  Plus, check out updates and harvest reports from Master Gardeners at thirteen Veggies by the Yard sites across Minnesota.


Chef's Row


Ten top local chefs share their favorite crops and recipes for enjoying summer's rich harvest.

Gardens of Eatin'


Plantings in the Home Demonstration Vegetable Garden will show varieties that let you put a rainbow on your plate, for great eating and good health. Find edible herbs, greens and vegetables lurking unexpectedly in the Griggs Annual Garden, showing ways you can enjoy a beautiful landscape and eat it too.


Featuring the five winners of a juried
art competition, with works that celebrate
the link between people and plants

Field to Table Designer: Moira Bateman, artist
Minneapolis MN
Collaborators: Graham Beech
David Van Eeckhout, Hog's Back Farm

Solar Cultivator


Designers:  Barr Engineering LID / Landscape Ecology Team, Minneapolis MN

Magical Mystery Treasure Hunt


Designer: Georgia Kandiko, artist and art instructor
Excelsior, Minnesota


Waves of (Multifunctional) Grain


Designers: Arlene Birt & Adam Jonas, Minneapolis MN
Homegrown Designer: Nathan Anderson, Avocado Green, Minneapolis MN


Experience energy from the ground up,
in a series of lively vignettes and
demonstration plantings of energy crops.
See how people are tackling the challenge
of green and growing renewable energy.

Energy Crops

The Arboretum is featuring a dozen potential energy crops in demonstration plantings. Learn about these crops, the kinds of energy they produce, and how humans can harvest this energy.


Businesses and Bioenergy

Find out how three Minnesotan businesses are using renewable plant-based energy sources.


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