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children playing at Under the Oak

For families with children, make these a stop on your next Arboretum visit for great, green-time fun together. Educators and others who work with children may look here for inspiration and ideas to take back to their own settings. Spending regular time in "nearby nature" as part of daily life has been shown to support the healthy development and wellbeing of our youngest ones in a host of important ways.

 Green Play Yard entrance Green Play Yard
The Green Play Yard is designed for ages Birth to 5 years, with specific areas for Preschoolers, Toddlers and Infants.  Plantings and natural play features provide a rich outdoor play space. More Information


 under the oak
Under the Oak

Under The Oak is an outdoor create-space for families to enjoy fort-building, tea parties and other woodland play pastimes. More Information

learning habitats Learning Habitats for Schools 
The Learning Habitats for Schools are demonstration schoolyard plantings. They show a variety of simple plantings with useful curriculum links to install at elementary schools schools. It's an on-site field trip whenever you need it, just steps away. More Information