Ornamental Vegetables

Ornamental Vegetable Bed

1. French Shallots ‘Pikant'. Will be planted sometime around April 15 and harvested late July-early August. Used extensively in cooking, pounded seasoning pastes and salads. They are pickled in curs (mixed vegetable pickles, sliced and deep fried to use in a crispy garnish). Store in a cool dry place but not in a refrigerator.

1. Scallions ‘Ishikura Improved'. They will be sown after the shallots are harvested sometime around the first of August and harvest will begin in October. As for uses check the information out in the main vegetable garden scallions.

2. Chinese Celery ‘Nan Ling'. Will be planted sometime around June 1 and harvest begins around September 8. Gives a more authentic flavor; less crunchy. Mainly added to soups but sprigs are also added to some fried rice and noodle dishes. Chopped stems may also be added to stir-fry dishes. Bunches will keep for several days wrapped and in a refrigerator and can be substituted for regular celery.

3. Eggplant Asian Type ‘Orient Express'. Planted sometime around June 1 and harvest begins July 28. As for uses, refer to eggplant in the main vegetable bed for info.

4. Chinese Kale ‘Green Lance'. First sowing around April 15 and harvest begins May 30; second sowing June 15 and harvest begins July 30; third sowing August 14 and harvest begins September 28. The leaves taste a bit like Swiss chard, the stem reminiscent of asparagus with a crunchy texture. Kale is very rich in iron and calcium, and vitamins A & C. Used frequently stir-fried with meats or just plain with garlic, a dash of sugar and a splash of rice wine. It can be added to fried noodle dishes or blanched in salted boiling water served drizzled with oyster sauce.

5. Chinese Long Bean ‘Gita'. Sown direct around May 15 and harvest begins August 6. For information on uses refer to Yard Long Beans in the main vegetable bed.

6. Chinese Cabbage ‘Greenwich' Michihili Tall Type. First crop sown April 15 planted May 20 and harvest begins June 4; second crop planted June 22 and harvest begins July 13, third crop planted July 28 and harvest begins middle of August, fourth crop planted September 1 and harvest begins September 21. For information on uses refer to the main vegetable garden Chinese cabbage.

7. Mung Bean ‘Tan Pod Gram'. Direct seeded May 20 and harvest begins September 25. For uses refer to Mung Bean main vegetable bed.

8. Pak Choi ‘Violetta'. First crop planted April 15 and harvest begins May 12; second crop planted May 26 and harvest begins June 25; third crop planted July 9 and harvest begins August 7; fourth crop planted August 21 and harvest begins September 18, fifth crop planted October 2 and harvest begins October 31. For uses refer to Pak Choi in main vegetable bed.

9. Thai Basil ‘Queenette'. Planted around May 20 and harvest begins around July 18. For uses refer to basil main vegetable bed.

10. Thai Pepper ‘Thai Burupa'. Planted June 1 and harvest begins around August 10. For uses refer to Thai Pepper main vegetable bed.