Orchids 2017"Orchids!"
Feb. 3 through March 12
Oswald Visitor Center Great Hall and Snyder Building Meyer-Deats Conservatory

Nothing can quite compare to its exquisite and breathtaking natural wonder.  "Orchids!" orchid display opens Friday, Feb. 3 in the Great Hall and Snyder Building's Meyer-Deats Conservatory, featuring tropical and cultivated orchids in Mother Nature's most elegant and remarkable blooms. Colors span the imagination and add a revered contrast to the exotic indoor setting and wintry outdoor setting this time of year.

The enduring collaboration of color and shape join forces to highlight the emergence of orchids and what has grown to be the largest plant family on earth.


Grow Your Own at Home!

The Gift & Garden Store is offering orchids for purchase during the run of the exhibit starting at $17.99 (member discounts apply) while supplies last.

Take home books to better understand an orchid's needs, all available for purchase in the Gift & Garden Store (612-301-7619).

  • "The Orchid Whisperer" - an essention guide sharing expert tips from more than three decades of breeding and growing orchids. Bruce Rogers, $19.95
  • "Starting  Out With Orchids" - 256 species of orchids described in simple language, complete with growing requirements and color photos.  David L. Jones, $24.95
  • "Easy-Care Orchids" - providing professional advice and simple instructions on how to grow and maintain orchids. Mary Carol Frier, $3.95
  • "Home Gardener's Orchids Specialist Guide" - a detailed guide to selecting, growing, displaying, improving and maintaining orchids. David Squire, $9.95