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It's nature's way of healing. Nature Based Therapeutics are professionally facilitated interactions with plants, animals and natural landscapes to bring about measurable outcomes in human health and well-being. It is nature's way of healing all people in physical, social, emotional and cognitive ways.


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7/14/21 Nature As Healer - Radio Program
MPR News with Angela Davis

Go Play Outside

Lake Minnetonka Magazine

7/28/2020 Webinar: Nature Heals - An Intro to Nature-Based Therapeutics

Jeannie Larson, Ph.D.


'Go for a walk and call me in the morning': How prescriptions for outdoors time are taking root
Star Tribune view this as PDF

 6/26/2019 Highway to Health Podcast
Jeannie Larson, Ph.D. - The Healing Power of Nature

Nature & Well-Being: How Experiencing Outdoors Reduces Stress

WCCO Mid-Morning

5/8/2019 Spending at least 120minutes a week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing
4/18/2019 Healing Power of Gardens
New York Times
3/21/2019 What are Nature Based Therapeutics?
Blubrry Podcast
2/14/2019 Nature Based Therapeutics
PBS Prairie Yard & Garden
12/3/2018 The Secret to Good Health May Be a Walk in the Park
New York Times
 11/9/2018 Northern Gardening: Therapeutic horticulture (audio interview)
 7/11/2018 Dog Walking Is Good for You. Provided You Do It.
New York Times
Spring/Summer 2018 A Partnership with Nature
IJPS: Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies
7/12/2018 Take a Walk in the Woods. Doctor's Orders.
New York Times
5/30/2018 Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy (EAAT)
 1/25/2018 A Japanese Photographer Captures the Mysterious Power of Forest Bathing
The New Yorker
 1/23/2018 New Integrative Health Program Brings Young Patients Closer to Nature to Heal
University of Minnesota Health
 1/3/2018 As modern life retreats from nature, science documents its healing powers
9/29/2017 7 Simple Changes To Your Home That Fight Depression
8/15/2017 Why You Need to Try Forest Bathing
The Dr. Oz Show
7/23/2017 With yurts, campers and Wi-Fi, millennials fuel Minnesota camping boom
Star Tribune
6/12/2017 Dog Owners Walk 22 Minutes More Per Day. And Yes, It Counts As Exercise
All Things Considered, Minnesota Public Radio
6/8/2017 Forest Bathing Studies: Why You Need To Start Today!
 3/2/2017 Why nature is the best prescription
Mother Nature Network
3/1/2017 Anxious, depressed, distracted - what if the cure is just outside? 
2/3/2017 VIDEO: The Nature Fix - What Happens When You Spend Just 5 Minutes in Nature?
 1/2017 Roots to Healing: A brief survey of the past, present and future of plant-based remedies in Minnesota
University of Minnesota - CBS Blogs 

Pause with PAWS (or hooves or claws)
University of Minnesota CE+HD Connect 

 8/9/2016 The Hidden Dog in Us All
BEING - with Krista Tippett 
 7/18/2016 Forest bathing---improve your health by immersing yourself in nature
WTIP Community Radio 
7/1/2016 Read to a Dog
Minnesota Women's Press 
 6/22/2016 Minnesota 'forest bathers' turn to Mother Nature for healing
Star Tribune

The healing power of dogs is unleashed in Orlando
MPR News

 5/26/2016 Tapping the curative powers of nature at the Arboretum
Star Tribune
 5/12/2016 Doggy Deluxe: Arboretum opens membership to the dogs
Southwest News Media
 5/1/2016 "Pet Away Stress" (U of M PAWS Clinic) - video
Life to the Max TV
 5/3/2016 Reaping the benefit of urban greenery
Minnesota Daily
 2016 Get Healthy, Get a Dog: The health benefits of canine companionship
Harvard Health Publications: Harvard Medical School
4/27/2016 How can nature and design improve our mental health? (Video of Panel Discussion)
Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota 
4/13/2016 U of M Gives Students Chance to 'PAWS'
3/31/2016 Rainbow Babies hospital garden addition coming with Republican National Convention 
 3/17/2016 A natural high
3/8/2016 UMR Students De-stress with Therapy Dogs and a Chicken (video)
ABC6 News 


Animal-Assisted Interactions Program Specialist, Tanya Bailey, MSW, LICSW, receives University of Minnesota Outstanding Community Service Award for the PAWS Program.
The award recognizes the significant contributions you have made to the community, including building University-community partnerships and programs that benefit university students, faculty, staff, community partners, and citizens. 
Congratulations, Tanya! 
Watch video about this

12/10/2015 Aids for De-Stressing Students
University of Minnesota News 
November 2015 Therapy Chickens: Creating Bonds And Improving Health
Urban Farm Online

New Help for Homesick Students on Campus
Wall Street Journal view the actual article (top of the fold!)

10/14/2015 Nature program nurtures
MN Daily 
7/1/2015 A Celebration of Gardens and Community
Live Happy Media 
 6/24/2015 Tackling anxiety on campus: Can a therapy chicken help?
5/27/2015 Be happy and lean; exercise green!
Health Talk - University of MN
5/11/2015 College U of Minnesota students use pets to destress during finals
USA Today
2/11/2015 Voices Gardens: The World's Oldest Therapists
National Geographic 
1/21/2015 U students hug animals to quell stress
12/2014 Southwest Metro Service Animals: The Healing Power of Pets
Southwest Metro Magazine 
8/20/2014 Here's how to reap mental, physical rewards of gardening
The Dallas Morning News 
2014 Green Cities: Good Health
University of Washington Urban Forestry/Urban Greening Research