Lilac Collection and Blackman Garden

The Hueg Lilac (Syringa sp.) Collection is the Arboretum's oldest collection.  It was designed by Lee Snyder, Leon Snyder's son, and planted almost before the land was purchased.  The collection contains several different types of lilacs and their cultivars, including common, French hybrids, Chinese, Preston, Peking, and Japanese.  There are 26 species, 123 cultivars and a total of 179 specimens.

At the top of the hill is the Anne Blackman Garden and lilac information kiosk.  The kiosk gives information on lilac types and cultivation.

Lilacs do well in Minnesota but many get mildew by summer's end and can be unsightly.  They can always be justified, however, by their fragrant and beautifully spectacular blooms in May and June.

Prairie Yard & Garden is a top-rated horticulture program produced by the University of Minnesota, Morris in cooperation with Pioneer Public Television, and hosted by Larry Zilliox. In this episode, Peter Moe, the Arboretum's operations director, introduces many varieties of lilacs.

Part 1                                                                                 

Part 2

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