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Getting Started

To help school teams envision potential
uses and designs for an outdoor area,
we've created four unique demonstration
schoolyard plantings at the Andrus Learning
Center, our children's education facility. 
Each Learning Habitat is a modest, simple,
low-maintenance landscape featuring
different plants and links to school
curriculum. Plan a visit to tour them all
in person, or find the plant lists, designs
and curriculum links for each Learning
Habitat below.


People often ask us for ideas and assistance with planting projects at schools. Having an outdoor "learning habitat" available just steps away, right in the schoolyard, is indeed a powerful way to open the door for experiential learning far beyond what is possible in a one-time visit to a natural area. Seasonal change and unexpected occurrences along with ongoing observation and data collection will fuel curiosity and science discoveries about our living world.

 garden for birds Garden for Birds
Berried bushes and winter cover provide habitat to attract birdlife, for observation year-round. More Information

 garden to greet spring
Garden to Greet Spring

Hardy, late-summer garden perennials and bright spring bulbs align with the school year, for tracking fall pollinators and the welcome arrival of spring. More Information
prairie planting Prairie Planting
A native plant restoration that honors our natural heritage, and brings monarchs and a host of other pollinators. More Information

 raised beds

Raised Beds
Some schools have too much asphalt or contaminated soil; even those who don't may find some raised beds are the easiest choice to install, use and maintain. More Information