January Gardening Tips


In the midst of a bone-chilling Minnesota winter, it's refreshing to look ahead to the flowers of summer.  January and February are a perfect time for brushing up on your gardening skills and devising a new or improved landscaping plan.  Check out the Arboretum's adult class offerings -- we have a great stable of teachers and interesting class topics. 


Here are some other January gardening tips:

  • Keep your indoor plants clean.  Use a soft, wet rag to wipe away any dust that accumulates on leaves.  This will enhance the photosynthesis process for your light-hungry plants.
  • Keep cut-flower bouquets and floral arrangements in cool locations, out of direct sunlight, so they'll last longer.
  • Flowering potted plants, however, usually perform longer if placed in or near a window with some direct sun.  They need that valuable light for photosynthesis; without an energy source, new buds will produce flowers that are smaller and less intensely colored.
  • Study the winter landscape in the Arboretum gardens, your neighbors' yards and community parks. Take photos of favorite natural scenes and do a little research to identify plants and grasses that create interest in winter gardens.  Use this knowledge to plan a garden that will offer year-round delights.