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Eco-Earthworms installation

Eco-Earthworms: Tails from the Underground

"Well, Bust My Terra Firma! Gigantic Eco-Earthworms!"
Phylum Annelida; Family Lumbricidae; Species Lumbricus terrestris

Materials used:
Wood, foam, ABS plastic, concrete, urethane

Near Ordway Picnic Shelter


Paul Rieffer
Paul Rieffer, sculptor, St. Paul MN

Donna Tabat, MN Dept of Education
PolyTek Development Corp.

Artist Statement
"Humankind co-exists with the soil for our very survival. Even though the soil for the most part is resilient, it must be respectfully nurtured, enriched and renewed. In concert with the exhibition theme, these toiling Giant Worms underscore the indispensable relationship of subsoil animal life to the health of Earth's skin, the Ecto layer."