Cooks' Faves 'n Raves

Whether you're a cordon bleu chef or simply a fan of good food, you know all great cooking starts with quality ingredients and the freshest of produce. 

Take a walk through the Home Demo Gardens (located near the Three-Mile Drive turnoff) and linger for a moment at the Cooks' Faves 'n Raves Garden. Feast your eyes on the vibrant green spinach, the robust tomatoes, the French tarragon, shallots and leeks, the lacy lettuce and hardy beets. You can almost taste the masterpiece meals in the making!

This garden was inspired by local cooks adn gourmands who have shared their favorite vegetables--and cooking ingredients--with Arboretum gardener Ted Pew. Using his extensive gardening knowedge, Ted has planned and planted the creative Faves 'n Raves gardens that incorporate these vegetables in the most efficient and effective manner. 

Here are the participants, their selected plants and culinary creation:     

                           1 square = 1' ; 5' W x 22' L


  • #5. Arboretum Director Ed Schneider & Sandy SchneiderHarvest: radishes | Fix: Cucumber and Radish Salad
  • #6. Savoy Pizza chefs | Harvest: Roma tomatoes and herbs | Fix: Pizza Sauce
  • #7. Foodie author Geri Wolf | Harvest: Brussels sprouts | Fix: Bacon Brussels Sprouts
  • #8. KARE 11 TV co-hosts Belinda Jensen & Bobby Jensen | Harvest: beets | Fix: Beet Salad

                                 1 square = 1' ; 4' W x 16' L


  • #8 continuedKARE 11 TV co-hosts Belinda Jensen & Bobby Jensen | Harvest: beets | Fix: Beet Salad
  • #9. Chef Gina Coburn, Three Crows Café & Coffee House | Harvest: lettuce | Fix: Black Bean and Rice Salad
  • #10. Chef Kevin Nordeen, Nectar Wine Bar & Bistro | Harvest: summer squash | Fix: Nectar's Squash Soup

                                1 square = 1' ; 4' W x 13' L