Public Policy

Climate Change Adaptation & Biodiversity Conservation: A Minnesota Response

Thursday, June 5, 2008
9:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.
Macmillan Auditorium, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Climate change will bring tremendous change to Minnesota's plant communities. Many species are unlikely to survive: some will be unable to reach the new climate zones that can sustain their growth, while for others, suitable habitat may disappear altogether.

How will we respond to this risk? Are we prepared to manage and preserve Minnesota's biodiversity in the face of climate change?

Who should attend?
- Conservationists
- Ecologists
- Natural Resource Professionals
- Environmental Planners
- Land Use Managers
- Horticulturists
- Biologists
- Community Leaders
- Policy and Decision Makers
- State, Regional and Local
- Conservation Organizations
- Concerned Public and Members

Biodiversity, Sustainability, Land Use & Design, Conservation and Ecology

Public Policy

Contributing and Endorsing Sponsors
University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment (IonE), Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) and Center for Hardwood Ecology.

About the Keynote Speaker
Jim Motavalli, author, environmental journalist and editor of E Magazine, a national environmental bi-monthly will share his unique insights into the effects and impact of climate change and subsequent loss of plant life and habitat as witnessed from his own global journeys. Motavalli has written for The New York Times, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Nation, The Boston Globe, The Guardian, Sierra and many other websites magazines and newspapers. Motavalli ‘s writing on population won a 1999 Global Media Award.

Invited Climate Change Researchers
Dr. Julie Etterson, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota Duluth has done pioneering research on the potential for native plants to evolve in response to climate change.

Dr. Lee Frelich, Director, Hardwood Ecology Center, University of Minnesota researches forest ecosystem changes in response to disturbances, invasive species and climate warming.

Dr. Malcolm Hunter, Libra Professor of Conservation Biologist, University of Maine studies the maintenance of biodiversity in ecosystems, and the implications of landscape change on reserve design.

Dr. George Jacobson, Climate Change Institute, Professor, University of Maine is a paleoecologist concerned with long-term climate change and forest responses to climate change.

Dr. Carter Johnson, Professor, South Dakota State University researches climate change and prairie wetlands, as well as, seed dispersal and plant migration.



Public Policy

This research and policy conference will identify key resource needs and look to assist decision makers in reforming current conservation strategies and management practices associated with biodiversity and climate change.

Registration (8:00- 9:00)

Morning Session (9:00-Noon)
- Keynote Speaker, Jim Motavalli
- Research Panel
Conservation Strategies for
Climate Change Adaptation
-Julie Etterson, U of M, Duluth
- Malcolm Hunter, UMaine
-George Jacobson, UMaine
-Carter Johnson, SDSU

Luncheon Presentation (Noon-12:45)
Climate Change Impacts & Minnesota
Ecosystems, Guest Speaker:
-Lee Frelich, U of M
 Center for Hardwood Ecology

Afternoon Session (1-3:30)
Conservation Planning for Climate
Change Adaptation
- Concurrent Sessions
- Next Steps Panel Discussion
- Conference Evaluation and Wrap up

Registration fee includes lunch, and author signing. Participants are invited to explore the Arboretum
and unique Treeology exhibits.

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