Birch Collection
The Birch collection (Betula sp.) is one of our most often changed collections.  All birch species have a relatively short life span in the managed landscape of somewhere around 50 years.  However, they are one of the most beloved genera of trees.  The popular white and gray birch with their white bark are spectacular in the landscape, whether wild, native, or managed and they look great in all seasons.  All birch have a beautiful yellow fall color and are easily spotted in the landscape.

The birch genus (Betula) however seems to attract diseases and pests, including the bronze birch borer which kills the tree.  The most resistant species to plant is the River Birch (Betula nigra).  There are 16 species and cultivars and 65 specimens in the old collection (by the Rhododendron garden) and 44 species in the new collection (by the Frerichs Garden for Wildlife).

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