Azalea Collection

Azalea Collection
The azalea collection (Rhododendron sp.) is a research collection and as such not all plants are labeled.  The species, cultivars and un-named hybrids are all part of the Horticultural Research Center's azalea breeding project.  To date 13 hardy azaleas (the Northern Lights series) have been released from this program, creating a wide variety of colors hardy in Minnesota.  Several more hardy azaleas can be found throughout the gardens.

The Northern Lights azaleas are the Arboretum's signature plant and are found throughout the grounds.  Introductions include, Golden Lights, White Lights, Pink Lights, Rosy Lights, Northern Lights, Northern Hi-Lights, Lemon Lights, Mandarin Lights, Tri-Lights, Candy Lights, Lilac Lights, Orchid Lights and Spicy Lights.

Most are available in local nurseries and more hybrids are on the way.  You can't beat the rhododendron genus for fabulous flowers and fragrance!

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