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Earthly Coat

Art of the Earth

"Art of the Earth" is a juried outdoor display, part of Dirt-O-Rama. A call for design entries began in September. Artists, architects, landscape architects, horticulturists, environmental organizations and others were invited to submit a proposal. Designers were asked to use soil, our earth's "skin", its remarkable inhabitants, and our human ties to it as their inspiration. A panel of jurors selected the five designs in November. Click on the links to learn who the artists are and what kind of materials they used in their pieces. View their whimsical, thought-provoking and decidedly unique perspectives.

The Amazing Mother Earth Composter
Ant Venture

Earthly Coat
Eco-Earthworms, Tails from the Underground
Underground Sound


model of Clayhouse

Beginning July 14, adobe artists-in-residence Athena and Bill Steen will shape three tons of clay, straw, burlap, branches and vine into a playful, earthen structure in front of the Learning Center. Read more about the Clayhouse!