Adventurous Cooks Garden Layout

Here is the best of the rest, including some unusual crops to challenge both the gardeners that grow them and the cooks that use them.

NOTES: Vertical support is essential to space crops this closely. Plant Malabar spinach and pole beans in a single row on a trellis in the following pattern: 1 Malabar spinach, 9" space, 3 pole bean seeds 3" apart, 9" space, repeat. Use round cages for eggplant to improve air flow. The scent of herbs helps repel pests.

Celeriac Use transplants
12 plants, double row, 8" apart, 8" between rows
Swiss chard  Plant seeds
Sow 2" apart in row, thin to 8" between plants, plant double row with 8" between rows
Malabar spinach  Plant seeds, leave 9" between this & bean 
Pole bean  Plant seeds
Sow 3 seeds, 3" apart, leave 9" between this & spinach 
Summer savory Use transplants
12 plants, 24" apart between trellis & eggplant 
Eggplant  Use transplants
5 plants, 24" apart 
Marigold  Use transplants
12 plants, 24" apart in front of eggplants 
Giant kohlrabi  Use transplants
6 plants, 8" apart in a single row 

Arboretum's chosen varieties for 2010

Celeriac ‘Giant Prague'
Swiss chard ‘Bright Lights'
Malabar spinach
Pole bean ‘Fortrex'
Summer savory ‘Aromata'
Eggplant ‘Orient Express'
Marigold ‘Lemon Gem'
Giant kohlrabi ‘Kossak'

 Many varieties of these vegetables are available locally and will perform well in this region. Varieties chosen by Arboretum gardeners for 2010 Veggies by the Yard garden plantings at the Arboretum are available from Johnny's Seed Company or Territorial Seed Company.