Gallery Exhibit: "Winterscapes: Artful Windows on Winter"
Now through Sunday, Feb. 7
Reedy Gallery, Oswald Visitor Center

Minnesota's dramatic transition from the flaming reds and oranges of autumn to the soft blues and whites of winter is celebrated in the Reedy Gallery exhibition, "Winterscapes: Artful Windows on Winter."  Enjoy interpretations of the first snow, longer shadows, darker tree trunks, snowy pink sunsets and other windows on winter.

Fifteen artists are featured.  In addition to such favorites as the late Olexa Bulavitsky, Tom Foty, Howard Sivertson, Jim Hillis, Michelle Combs and Keith Wilcock, several new artists are presented for the first time.

Todd Voss, known for his pastoral landscapes, Hans Schaub's interpretation of the northern lights and Andrew Evansen's watercolor "On the Fence" are sure to please art lovers, as will Suzanne Thiesfeld's "First Snowfall at the Farm."

Elaine Sivertson is showing the exquisite "Winter Shadows" and "Boxcar Islands - Winter."  (She's the wife of North Shore artist Howard Sivertson.)  Don't miss Joe Wilcock's painting of Excelsior Commons after a fresh snowfall, and Robin Block's oil painting "Waiting" is guaranteed to make you smile. 

This is the second exhibition presented in collaboration with the Wilcock Gallery of Excelsior.  Informal tours of Reedy Gallery are offered on select weekends from 1 to 3 p.m. and by appointment at 952-470-8118. 

Paintings on exhibit are for sale and a portion of proceeds help support the Arboretum.

St Albans Barn by Keith Wilcock
St. Albans Barn by Keith Wilcock

Coyote by Tom Foty

Moonrise Winter Field
Moonrise Winter Field by Todd Voss

Waiting by Robin Block