Land Conservation & Clean Water Summit 2009          

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Development of a Macrophyte-based Index of Biotic Integrity for Minnesota

Marcus Beck

University of MN; Conservation Biology; grad student

Conservation Marketplace of Minnesota: Establishing an Ecosystem Service Market to Support Conservation Efforts

Susan D. G. Carlin

MN River Board;Mankato, MN

Crystal Loon Mills CWP Project

Sarah Shimek Duda

Water Resources Center; MN State University, Mankato, MN

Riparian Corridor-channel Restoration for Enhanced Channel Stability and Reduced Sediment Loads in Elm Creek, Southern MN

P. Danielle Dutton

University of MN; Dept. of Forest Resources; grad student

Volume Reduction BMPs to Reduce Stormwater Runoff and Improve Water Quality in Como Lake, Saint Paul, MN

Anna Eleria

Capitol Region Watershed District; St. Paul, MN

Forests, Water and People: Drinking Water Supply and Forest Lands in the Northeast and Midwest United States

Theresa M. Heyer

USDA Forest Service; St. Paul, MN

Development of a Green Build-Out Model to Quantify Stormwater Benefits of Green Infrastructure

Hans Holmberg

Linno Tech; Hudson, WI

View Your Wetlands on Google Earth

Brian Huberty

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Ft. Snelling, MN

Saint Anthony Water Reuse Facility

Paul M. Hudalla

WSB & Associates, Inc.; Minneapolis, MN


A Field Study to Quantify Petroleum Hydrocarbon Residual and Biogradation Functional Genes in Rain Gardens

Gregory H. LeFevre

University of MN; Dept. of Civil Engineering; grad student

Pervious Pavers Solve U. of M. Stormwater Problems

Jonathan Kusa

Howard R. Green Company; St. Paul, MN

Identify and Protect Southeastern Minnesota's Rare Ground-water-fed Wetlands

Nicole E. Lehman

McGhie & Betts, Inc. Environmental Services; Rochester, MN

Minnehaha Creek Restoration: A Healing Bridge Between Patients and the Environment

Marty Melchior

Inter - Fluve, Inc.; Madison, WI

Remediation of Compacted Soils as a Stormwater BMP

Nick Olson

University of MN; St. Anthony Falls Laboratory; grad student

From Door Knocking to Nature Preserve - FMR Takes a Comprehensive Approach to Land Conservation

Karen Schik

Friends of the Mississippi River; St. Paul, MN

Urban Retrofit Stormwater Best Management Practices and Low Maintenance Landscape Techniques Eliminate Flooding and Create Calming Place of Refuge at West Suburban Teen Clinic

Andy Schilling

Earth Wizards, Inc.; Minneapolis, MN

Sap-Flux Rates and Changes in Water Yield in Response to Uplands Aspen Clearcutting and Conversion to Conifers

Joe Shannon

University of MN; Dept. of Forest Resources; grad student

Metro Metals Recycling Corp.

Todd Shoemaker

Wenck Associates, Inc.; Maple Plain, MN

Evaluation of Qualitative Stream Channel Stability Assessment Tools and Their Application in the Minnesota River Basin

Britta J. Suppes

University of MN; Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management; grad student

Blattner Energy Corporate Headquarters Achieves LEED Platinum

Joe Waln

URS Corporation; Minneapolis, MN

Incorporating Innovative Stormwater Management Technologies Into a Sustainable Integrated Use System

Del Zentgraf, Jr.

American Infrastructure Technologies, Inc.; Ogilvie, MN