Urban Garden Program Components

  • Children's Garden in Residence
    Kindergarten to Grade 4
  • Growing to College
    Kindergarten to Grade 12
  • Urban Garden Youth Employment
    Grade 6 to Grade 12

The Arboretum has been providing creative and engaging outreach programming into
urban neighborhoods for nearly three decades.  In that time, the Urban Garden Program has grown from neighborhood garden sites for children to now include: an experience-based garden curriculum, aligned to Minnesota's science standards, with a focus on science and nutrition, delivered to 200 children annually; a garden-based youth employment program which focuses on developing entrepreneurial and leadership skills for 50 youth each summer; and opportunities for exposure to higher education environments provided to all children and youth participating in the Urban Garden Program.

urban children's garden
Urban Childen's Garden in Residence
Exploring, getting messy, digging in, asking questions, and making sense of new things are necessary experiences for children. While experiencing the garden, children can observe living pollinators, plant seeds and watch with wonder as they grow, examine earthworms, and dig holes in the earth to uncover living things that are completely new to them.
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urban garden youth employment Urban Garden Youth Employment
The summer work experiences are designed to build basic job, entrepreneur, communication, and leadership skills through garden-based work at urban garden sites. Each season, different work teams are formed based on the level of experience and interests of the youth. More Information

 growing to college

Growing to College
Growing to College works with public and private organizations to help youth from diverse backgrounds participate in activities designed to increase the likelihood that they will go to college. More Information

youth voices conferences Youth Voices Conferences
In 2009, the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum inaugurated the Youth Voices Conference program - the first of its kind in the nation. This conference was planned and led by past youth participants in our urban garden programs, most of whom were current college students and recent graduates. More Information
 eat yourself healthy Eat Yourself Healthy Demonstration Garden
Plant one of these demo gardens in your neighborhood as a way to advocate for a health-giving diet. More Information