'Country Road' by Kairong Liu

Reedy Gallery Presents 'The Artistry of Trees'
Aug. 19 through Nov. 20, 2011 

The Reedy Gallery at the Arboretum presents "The Artistry of Trees," paintings celebrating the beauty and majestry of trees—as home for wildlife (and wood nymphs), as protection against wind, as symbols of merriment and pleasure (Christmas trees, fruit trees, pine trees, giant redwoods) and as wondrous designs of nature (vertical, intricate branch patterns and color).

Where the Arboretum's Steelroots Exhibition reminds us of the beauty and designs we seldom see under trees, "The Artistry of Tree" will present a variety of artistic interpretations of the rich and varied beauty trees provide in our every day lives.

All art is for sale through the Arboretum Gift Store and a portion of proceeds benefit the Arboretum.

'Stone Arch Bridge' by Craig David

'Minnetonka Regatta' by Keith Wilcock


'Woodlake Nature Center' by Greg Lipelt


'Rolling Green' by Kairong Liu