Seeing Our Nature
Photographs of Earth, Water and Flotsam by Peter L. Johnson

July 1 - September 27,  Reedy Gallery

Peter L. Johnson's seemingly abstract photographic images capture humanity's footprint on nature. Their beauty and captivating color palette belie the truth of his subject matter - everything from oil spills to discarded paint buckets.

Artist's statement:
"The essential tenet of my artistic practice is seeing beauty in damaged places.  As a photographer, I am in search of ‘awake' moments when the beauty in my viewfinder overwhelms the objects in the frame. I venture to the fringes of what we call nature, off the well-beaten path. Often I find myself working on the boundaries of bodies of water, the edges of industrial sites... I use a photographic palette of upclose views, lyrical colors and abstract shapes to see and capture images that have been compared to aerial views, human portraiture, microscopic forms, paintings, river deltas and galactic phenomena."

Viewers will find themselves studying these photographs closely to decipher the actual subject matter beyond the pleasing colors and rhythmic forms, and they may even experience their own "awake" moments about stewardship to our planet.

Johnson, a Minneapolis resident who holds a master of fine arts degree in photography and performance art from the University of Minnesota, has exhibited widely - at the Frank Stone Gallery, Rosalux Gallery, Hopkins Center for the Arts, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Bloomington Arts Center, Salir a La Luz Gallery, and other Twin Cities and Midwestern venues.

There will be a member reception for Johnson from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, July 12. Johnson will give a gallery talk and slide presentation at 2:30 p.m. Call 952-443-1440 for details.

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