Friday, March 1st Sessions & Panels   

2018 Schoolyard Garden Attendee with Plants

2017 Agenda


Lynn Olson and R. Fleming


2017 Thomas Ranier Keynote Audience


Thomas Rainer Book Signing



Kristen Stuenkel


Karen and Xavier


Mindy Zittel



Keynote Speaker  

Plant Locally, Grow Globally
Naomi Volain, Environmental Educator

Explore how your student’s Schoolyard Garden work is part of global education, citizenship, and Earth’s sustainability. Schoolyard Gardens are a microcosm of personal, health, and social emotional learning with far-reaching implications. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Education provide a framework for the rich lessons of Schoolyard Gardens. 

Plenary Session 

Schoolyard Gardens:
The Road to Success
Amy Mastin, National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization and the 2018 Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Outstanding Teacher Award Winner 
Rachel Gray, Minnesota Ag in the Classroom Educator, Rachel Gray

Plenary Panel

Essential Staff, Summer Paid Coordinators
Minnesota Schoolyard Gardens Coalition Stewardship Team (Moderators)

Breakout Sessions (50 minutes)

  • Nature Based Education:
    The Science Behind Current Trends

    Ian Williams

  • Engaging Voices, Empowering Youth
    Lynn Hu, Spark-Y

  • Visit 75 Minnesota Schoolyard Gardens:
    What We've Learned

    Galen Erickson, Jeffers Foundation


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