Rare Books and Journals

The Rare Book and Journal Collections include 16th-century herbals, 21st-century florilegium, and an array of important and beautiful works in between. Many of the books were purchased by Elmer and Eleanor Andersen, specifically for Andersen Horticultural Library. Support from the Andersen Book Trust, Friends of the Andersen Horticultural Library, as well as donations by individuals, enable us to continue to add to the collection.

Pratt Rosagallica
Pratt, Flowering Plants and Ferns, V5 Plate 216 Redoute Roses, Rosa Gallica Auralianensis, V3 P.29

The focus of the collection is on botany, horticulture, natural history and landscape design. Works include several by noted figures such as Carl Linneaus, John Gould and Humphrey Repton. Many of the works feature botanical illustrations, from crude engravings of early herbals tot eh dxquisite renderings of Pierre_joseph Redoute and Georg Dionysius, Ehret. Thousands of plants are immortalized by beautiful botanical images found in more than two centures of Curtis' Botanical Magazine. The majority of titles in this collection are included in the University of Minnesota Library's online catalog, MNCAT.

Flowers Personified 1849 Animate Creation Wood3
The Flowers Personified, 1849

Rev. Wood Animate Creation 1885, Wood 3

The collection is available for research with an appointment. Please call 612-555-5555 for an appointment.