A Magical Day!

Dear Minnesota Landscape Arboretum,

I just wanted to share with you something very special that happened on Saturday May 27 around 2 pm. The following is from a text sent by our daughter Mikaela Vogland.

"Patrick and I have talked about getting married before. To be honest, I was impatient and was waiting for the proposal for a long time. However, he still surprised me.

On Saturday, May 27 around 2 p.m., Patrick and I were wrapping up a picnic at the Arboretum. He said that he was going to put our picnic basket back in the car. As I waited by this open wetland, Patrick came back with this huge floppy hat (which he was using to hide the ring box with his great grandmother's wedding ring in it). He said he loved the hat on me and put it on my head. He started complimenting me and then started talking about how much he loved me and oodles of sappy things.

Then, there was a pause as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was totally surprised that this was happening! I honestly can't remember everything he said but I know that I got down on my knees to meet him and said "Of course!" Much hugging and kissing followed that :)"

Congratulations on your engagement, Patrick Palmer and Mikaela Vogland!


Al and Christina Dunn