Accessible only via Three Mile Drive


As you enter the Arboretum, tell the gatehouse you are headed to the Old Azalea Parking Lot and they can assist you with additional directions

FREE Parking, gravel lot

DO NOT park in the main Arboretum Visitor Center lots. The Old Azalea Parking Lot is 2 miles away from the main lots. 


Due to the location of this lot at the far end of Three-Mile Drive, you will want to allow an extra 20 minutes to circumnavigate Three-Mile Drive 10mph traffic conditions.

Alternately, you could also park in the Sensory Garden Parking Lot and walk backwards on Three-Mile Drive to the Old Azalea Parking lot. This will also take about 20 minutes on foot.


ACCESS VIA THREE-MILE DRIVE (NOT accessible by car in winter)

• Enter the Arboretum through the Highway 5/Arboretum Blvd main entrance
• Drive past the gatehouse and the pass the Visitor Center
• Turn left immediately after the Visitor Center at the T-intersection, towards Three-Mile Drive
• Go up the short hill (you will pass the Visitor Center on your left)
• At the first intersection, turn right on Three-Mile Drive
• Follow Three-Mile Drive past the Behrens Cabin, Prairie, Harrison Sculpture Garden, Shrub Collections, Hedge Display, and maze
• Pass the maze parking lot...you're getting close!
• Turn left into the very next parking lot PAST the maze lot. It is opposite the Oak and nut tree collection
• It is a gravel lot.

Map to Old Azalea Parking Lot