Accessible only via Three Mile Drive


As you enter the Arboretum, tell the gatehouse you are headed to the Dahlia / Chinese Garden Parking Lot and they can assist you with additional directions

FREE Parking, gravel lot

DO NOT park in the main Arboretum Visitor Center lots. The Dahlia / Chinese Garden Parking Lot is 1.5 miles away from the main lots. 


Due to the location of this lot at the far end of Three-Mile Drive, you will want to allow an extra 15-20 minutes to circumnavigate Three-Mile Drive 10mph traffic conditions.


ACCESS VIA THREE-MILE DRIVE (NOT accessible by car in winter)

• Enter the Arboretum through the Highway 5/Arboretum Blvd main entrance
• Drive past the gatehouse and past the Visitor Center
• Turn left immediately after the Visitor Center at the T-intersection, towards Three-Mile Drive
• Go up the short hill (you will pass the Visitor Center on your left)
• At the first intersection, turn right on Three-Mile Drive
• Follow Three-Mile Drive past the Behrens Cabin, Prairie, Weeping Trees, Crabapple Collection, Maple Collection
• Drive through/past the Sculpture Garden Parking lot and the Shrub Rose Garden.
• Turn left into the very next parking lot PAST the Shrub Rose Garden. There will be a Dalia Trial Garden sign there.
• It is a gravel lot.

Map to Chinese Garden Parking Lot