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Sitka Salmon Shares is the nation’s leader in the movement of Community Supported Fisheries. Much like a CSA or farm box program, a CSF bring people face to face with their fisherman.

Sitka Salmon Shares takes the most pristine and ethically harvested, line-caught wild Alaskan seafood and brings it to the door-step of their members each month of the fishing season. From Coho to Sockeye, Lingcod to Halibut and about 18 other species.

The word sustainable means much more to these stewards, it means 100% traceable. Their fish is painstakingly traced back to the exact boat, fisherman and fishing grounds it came from. This is the only way to ensure perfect quality and environmental sustainability. Sitka Salmon Share's fisherman-owned model has lead the way for more and more small-boat fisherman to rise to the surface and we are proud of that work and we are proud of our fish. 

Coho Salmon or Silver Salmon is a highly sustainable fishery and one of the most diverse salmon meats in the world. From sushi to the grill, the flesh is a dense mix of fatty and lean with incredible color and flavor depth. With a 2-3 year life span they are an indicator species for the ecosystem and therefore an incredibly important part of our North Pacific Oceans.

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