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The Arboretum Education Department creates rich and diverse experiences that connect people of all ages with the living world and with each other.


The Arboretum Education Department's work is rooted in our communities, guided by their needs and strives to support greater wellbeing for plants, for people and for the planet

STATISTICS for Education Programs (FY 2019)

Total Served: 86,104

Youth & Family: National Award winning program

Total Participants: 48,843

Family Programs: 6,519
PeaPods/Preschool: 244
Adult: 24,732

Special Audience: International Recognition, Nature-Based Therapeutics

Total Participants: 12,529
Community Outreach: 1,858
Program Attendees: 10,370
Training: 301 

STATISTICS for Education Programs (FY 2018)

        Attendance # Total
Youth Education          
Field trip       32,749  
Plantmobile       10,238  
Teachers served via Workshops       344  
Middle School/Jr High Based Edu (Grades 6-8)
      numbers included in ft total  
High School Based Edu (Grades 9-12)       numbers included in ft total  
On-site summer DayCamps & Childrens Garden
Growing Good Children's Garden In Residence (total)       141  
Kaleidoscope Children's Garden in Residence
Plymouth Christian Youth Center (PCYC) Children's Garden in Residence 17  
St Paul City School Children's Garden in Residence
We Win /LaCreche CGR       17  
Growing Good Youth Interns       40  
Family Programs, Plantmaker Studio, Nature Play
PeaPods/Preschool       232  
Total youth and Family programs 53,987
Adult Education          
Informal Classes       4,171  
Tour Guides (Garden Demo and Walking Tours)
Ask a Master Gardener Desk       2,139  
Group Tours (tram/walking)       14,269  
Public Policy Events       804  
Total Adult Education 26,956
Special Audiences          
Nature Based Therapeutics          
community outreach
  training     213  
program attendees
Total Nature Based Therapeutics 11,991
        TOTAL SERVED FY 2018 92,934

At-A-Glance By Category

Schools 42,987
Families 9,563
Summer 861
Pre-school 232
Adult Interpretation 21,981
Adult Education 5,319
Nature Based Therapeutics 11,991


Arboretum Volunteers 1,002  
Arboretum Corporate Volunteers 480  
Master Gardener Volunteers 2,342  
  Total Volunteers 3,824

Off-Site Arboretum Education Programming

Nature Based Therapeutics 11,991
Plantmobile 10,238
HRC field trips 3,024
Urban Garden Outreach 297
Total off-site outreach FY 2018 25,550

STATISTICS for Education Programs (FY 2017)

Total Served: 82,821
     Youth & Family: National Award-winning program
          Total Participants: 58,194
               Family Programs: 9,738
               PeaPods/Preschool: 225
     Adult: 12,819
    Special Audience: International Recognition, Nature-Based Therapeutics
          Total Participants: 11,808
               Community Outreach: 1,520
               Program Attendees: 10,070
School Programs
          Fieldtrip students=36,311 
               Fieldtrip scholarship students=11,217
          Plantmobile students=11,067
               Plantmobile scholarship students=1,933
          Childrens Garden in Residence outreach=135 students working with 4 urban partner organizations
          Growing Good Urban Garden Youth Interns=42 summer internship positions with three community partner organizations.

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          PlantMaker Studio
          Q&A at the Yard & Garden Desk

Youth+Adult Together Programs
       Ages 3-5 with adult
       Ages 5-12 with adult
      Homeschool Days

Gardening & Horticulture Classes
Gardening - General
       Edible Gardening
       Landscape & Design
Floral & Botanical Crafts
      Seasonal Holiday
       Pollinators - Misc

Fine Art & Crafts Classes

Painting & Drawing

       Mixed Media
       Floral & Botanical Crafts
       Jewelry & Wearable Art
       Fiber Arts
       Stone Balancing & Sculpture
       Open Art Studio
       Seasonal Holiday
Photography Classes
       Special Access Experiences
Food & Wine Classes
       Dine with a Chef
       Cooking Classes

       Book Club
Nature Appreciation
       Signature Guided Walks
Nature-Based Therapeutics

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