Schoolyard Gardens Conference 2015
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Keynote Address

Arden Bucklin-SporerArden Bucklin-Sporer, Executive Director, Education Outside

A school garden offers a world of learning that reaches beyond and endures longer than any growing season for our children. Several studies suggest that school gardens and outdoor classrooms enhance student achievement, especially in elementary education. As a form of environmental education, gardening has been shown to improve performance in math, science, writing, social studies, and overall attitudes toward learning. Our school gardens are living laboratories and libraries with potentials from which we have just begun to draw. 
Arden Bucklin-Sporer will offer multiple-value arguments for why gardens are important in every school. Drawing from more than 20 years of developing school-based gardens for every age, Arden will provide research-based support showing that gardens provide a space for students to reconnect to the landscape around them. Arden will detail how all curricula, from math to literature, can be enriched by using the garden as a central resource and not an additional feature. She will share stories of effectives ways in which gardens teach students about agriculture, of how to use them to nourish ourselves, why they are important in understanding our roles in stewardship, and how they let us all gain an appreciation for the natural systems that support life on our planet.

Friday Agenda
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     Conversation on Lessons Learned - Arden Bucklin-Sporer
     Cooking in the Garden - Jenny Breen
     Minnesota Food Charter School Leaders Guide - Lisa Gemlo
Square Foot and Vertical Growing Methods for Engaging Youth in Gardening- Joan James

     Hands-on Garden Activities that Cultivate Academic Achievement - Sue Knott
Foss Science Kits in the Garden - Chris Tower
Gardens as aTool for Observing a Changing Climate - Kristen Poppleton
Field to Fork in the Classroom - Leah Bott

     Non-Profit and School Partnerships for School Gardens - Marnie Peichel, Uli Koester,
        Randy Gage and Ka Vang
     Partnering with Master Gardeners - Lynn Olson
     Fundraising for School Gardens - Melanie Sanco-Gooch
Summer-Only Garden Programs - Randy Gage

     Preview of School Garden 101 - Mary Cichon
     Analysis of Food Safety Risks in the School Garden - Katherine Simon
     Succeeding with a new school garden: Case Studies from 30 MN Schools - Jeffers Foundation
     Framing Your Message and Building Support - Tim Kenny and Leslie Yetka

Healthy Plants in Your School Garden - Anne Sawyer
     Plant Selection: Heirloom, Native or Hybrid Varieties - Dr. Jim Calkins
Garden Insect Pests: How Students Can Engage in IPM - Dr. Mary Rogers
Those Wascally Weeds: How to Control and Prevent Common Garden Weeds - Lynne Hagen

     Growing School Garden Success with Farm to School - Zoe Hastings
     Growing a Garden: From Field to Table - Tim Uhlenkamp and Jeff Eppen
     Hydroponics In (and Out of) the Classroom - Larry Cipolla
     Information Session - Minnesota Schoolyard Gardens Coalition


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