January 2021 Cancelled Classes

Registrants of these specific classes are being offered their choice of a donation, or refund.

  • January 5  March 23 Arboretum Open Art Studio: Winter 2021
  • January 9  Special Access Field Trip: Macro Photography in a Biome Conservatory
  • January 16 Arboretum Inspired Drawing: Cardinal in Colored Pencil
  • January 16 Refresher Course: Continue the Journey with Balanced Stone Sculptures
  • January 16 Mosaic Nature Treasure Boxes
  • January 16 Discovering Your Root... Vegetables!
    This class is moving online! View new webinar class at Arboretum Cooking Classes
  • Jan 23 Family Fun: Create & Photograph Frozen Ice Bubbles
  • Self-Guided Visits

Online modules will remain active and will proceed as scheduled.

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