Energy Crops

Alnus species seedlings are only one of several potential bioenergy crops growing at the Arboretum this summer.

Researchers (including some at the University of MN) are experimenting with several plants that have bioenergy potential. Powerhouse Plants discusses several difficult questions regarding bioenergy: what crops to grow, where to grow them, how to transport the harvested crops, how to release the plants' energy, what form the energy should take, and what economic, environmental, and social issues are involved. Some of the plants featured in the Arboretum's demonstration plantings include:

                             Willow              Aspen
    Cordgrass   Alder
    Soy   Corn
                         Sunflower   Canola
    Sorghum   Barley
    Various prairie plants    

Don't miss the plant-covered VW Bug and farmer -- they'll be growing all summer at the Arboretum!