Amazing Race/Team Building

Cost: $300 (all supplies included)
Rent a meeting room and SAVE! Discounted to $200 (all supplies included)

Amazing RaceThe Amazing Arboretum Race will begin with a clue for your first destination--once you find the bin inside you will find an activity the team needs to complete before getting their clue to the next location. There are 10 locations to complete before you are finished. The first team back with all activities completed wins bragging rights and 1 VIP Arboretum Ticket per team member. 

Plan for at least 1.5 hours--only the quickest teams will finish in that time--we suggest planning for 2 hours and/or having a designated stop time and whoever comes back completing the most activites wins. If due to weather the Race needs to be moved indoors, it will only take 30-60 minutes.


Please call 612-301-7597 or email for more information.

Group Amenities

  • Daytime
  • Evening
  • After-hours
  • Free Parking
  • Arboretum admission included
  • WiFi
  • Full and partial-day rentals
  • Catering packages