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An exciting season of Arboretum educational programming awaits you, packed with new topics, fun themes, and empowering, planet-friendly knowledge! Featuring 1,200 acres of natural beauty, talented instructors, inspiring subject matter, and fun social connections, the Arboretum team invites you to learn and experience something new this season.

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Online and @Home
Classes, webinars, workshops from the comfort of your home computer

Gardening & Horticulture
Grow your green thumb for all plants, inside and out!

Fine Arts & Crafts
Get inspired by the Arboretum's natural beauty...grow skills and improve your artistic confidence.

Food and Wine Food & Wine
Taste as you learn! 90% of the world's food comes from plants.

Learn about local pollinators and discover unique ways to help them.

Improve your photography skills with nature-inspired themes.

Nature Appreciation
Guided experiences show you the secrets and mysteries of our natural world.
photo John Pennoyer Birds
All about birds, from bird watching to growing a welcoming bird oasis in your yard.
Books & Literature
Discover new and unique ways the written word can enhance our understanding of nature.
Special Access
Go behind-the-scenes special access to Arboretum experiences that are not available to the public!
Nature-Based Therapeutics
Explore the different ways nature can heal.
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Kids & Family Programs
Spend quality time together with your kids at the Arboretum!

Bud Break Thumb
Drop-In Programs
Most drop-in programs are included for members or with gate admission.
Conferences & Summits
Learn from experts and professionals on topics that are important to today and our future.
Greenlist's a secret!
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Pollinators: Siah StClair
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Member Perk!
Arboretum Members may invite non-members to attend a class with them at the discounted member rate! Simply register for all participants at the same time in the same order and select the "member" rate for each person at checkout.

The best chance of being enrolled in a sold out class is to add your name to the waitlist. Click the orange "waitlist" button and complete the form, or call 612-301-1210. There is no obligation to register if a spot opens. If the waitlist shows enough demand, additional class sessions may be added.


Summer 2020 Kids ProgramsUpdate

Drop-in Activities

ONLINE!PlantMaker Studio@Home
Youth+Adult Programs

     PeaPods for Preschoolers
     Family Programs
     Homeschool Days
Youth Programs
     Summer Activity Kits To-Go
     Kids Night Out

Special Access Experiences
     Special Access Tours & Experiences
     Special Access Photography
Gardening & Horticulture Classes
ONLINE!Online & @Home Classes
Gardening - General
      Edible Gardening
      Landscape & Design
     Special Access Experiences
     Special Access Tours & Experiences
Fine Art & Crafts Classes
Painting & Drawing

     Jewelry & Wearable Art
     Fiber Arts
     Mixed Media
     Stone Balancing & Sculpture
     Open Art Studio
     Book Club & Literature
Photography Classes
     Special Access Photography
Food & Wine Classes
     Dine with a Chef
     Cooking Classes
     Edible Gardening
Healthy Living

     Book Club & Literature
Nature Appreciation
     Signature Guided Walks

Nature-Based Therapeutics

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