2015 Schoolyard Garden Conference Presentations
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Clara Barton School

Arden Bucklin-Sporer - Open the Classroom Door
Jim Calkins - Garden and Landscape Selection: Heirloom, Native or Hybrid?
Mary Cichon - School Gardens 101
Tom Frericks - The Mad Scientist in All of Us
Randy Gage - Summer Garden Program (Part 1)
                         Summer Garden Program (Part 2)
Lynne Hagen - Those Wascally Weeds
Cathy Heller - Edina South View Middle School Garden: Grant to Growing 2014
Joan James - Vertical & Square Foot Gardening (presentation not available, view informational videos from Backyard Farm here)
Jean Larson - Gardening Is Good Therapy and You Get Tomatoes
Bonnie Lohman and Brian Wheat - K-12 Garden Curriculum Share
MN Schoolyard Gardens Coalition - MSGC Presentation and Discussion
Jason Reese - Planning and Output Maximization
Mary Rogers - Garden Insect Pests: How Students Can Engage in Integrated Pest Management
Anne Sawyer - Healthy Plants in Your School Garden
Kirsten Saylor - Worms in Schools (Part 1)
                             Worms in Schools (Part 2)
Katherine Simon - An Analysis of Food Safety Risks in the School Garden
Urban Roots - Cultivating the Next Generation

Food Safety Tips for School Gardens (provided by Katherine Simon) 
Five Steps for Food Safe School Gardening 
(provided by Katherine Simon) 
How to Build a Handwashing Station (provided by Katherine Simon)
USDA Health Meals Resource Team Farm and Garden Produce Safety (provided by Katherine Simon)
U of MN Extension - School Garden and Food Safety (provided by Katherine Simon)
Grow Some Love: A Child's-Eye View of Education Outside (VIDEO) (Provided by Arden Bucklin-Sporer)
Discover Education Outside (Provided by Arden Bucklin-Sporer) 
Ways to Engage (Provided by Terri Swartout, MN Schoolyard Garden Coalition) 
HealthPartners yumPower 2015 School Challenge toolkit (Provided by Health Partners, sponsor of the 2015 conference)


Jenny Breen - Cooking in the Garden Recipes 
Arboretum Catering Lunch Recipes (specially designed for Schoolyard Gardens Conference to be low waste, local, minimally processed, and low in refined sugars)- coming soon! 

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