Here's what's blooming as of Aug. 18.  The gardens are looking great!  Roses, dahlias and hydrangeas are lovely.  The daylilies are on the wane, but some still look spectacular.  Other highlights include the following gardens:  Sensory Garden, Herb, Home Demo, Annual, Perennial, MacMillan Terrace, Spiegel Entry Garden and the garden at the Arboretum's highway entrance.  Our prairies and ornamental grasses are robust and attractive. 

We're putting the finishing touches on the landscaping at our newly expanded entry and gatehouse.  It's looking spectacular!  Have a great day!





At this time, construction is underway on an expanded entry and redesigned gatehouse to improve visitor experience.  Please reduce speeds and thanks for your patience.  Have a great day!


This information is also available on the Arboretum bloom line at 612-625-9791.



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