Beginning to Bloom! (Updated April 14) - Early spring blooms are starting to be seen across the Arboretum grounds. Crocus can be seen coming through the lawn in the Home Demo Garden, as well as those shown below in the Rock Garden next to the Japanese Garden. The pastel colors and gentle beauty of the European Pasque Flower will delight visitors to the Slade Perennial Garden behind the Snyder Building. Last fall, 32,000 new early bulbs were planted in groupings throughout the Arboretum. Stop at the Information Desk in the Visitor Center to pick up an Early Spring Bulb Map before you head out to find these hardy early bloomers.

All photos by Arboretum volunteer Dave Poplau unless otherwise specified.

Snowdrops Crocus
European Pasque Flower
Galanthus/Snowdrops by Tom Brinda Crocus/Crocus by Tom Brinda Pulsitilla Grandis/European Pasque Flower
by Tom Brinda
Snow Trillium
Dwarf Iris
Prairie Smoke
Trillium Navale/Snow Trillium

Iris Reticulata/Dwarf Iris
Geum Triflorum/Prairie Smoke by
Greg Lecker
Marsh Marigold
White Squill
Caltha Palustris/Marsh Marigold
Scilla Mischtschenkoana/White Squill
 Wild Ginger
Narcissus/Daffodil Magnolia/Magnolia Asarum Canadense/Canada Wild Ginger
False Rue Anemone
Enemion Biternatum/False Rue Anemone
Hepatica acutiloba/Sharp-lobed Hepatica
Trout Lily Buttercup
Muscari/Hyacinth Erythronium americanum/Yellow Trout Lily