Holiday Weekend (Updated June 29) - Summer is in full swing here at the Arboretum as the flowering plants put on nature's stunning show of fireworks for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend. Showy bloomers such as Echinacea (Coneflower), Delphinium (Larkspur) and Hydrangea have come into their own this past week. All of the rose gardens are in glorious bloom--stop by the Ankeny Rose Garden near the Annual Garden outside the Visitor Center, The Wilson Rose Garden across from the Home Demo shuttle stop or the Nelson Shrub Rose Garden just past the Sculpture Garden at High Point on Three-Mile Drive. The Spiegel Garden in front of the Snyder Building is also a colorful spot for a photo op!

All photos by Arboretum volunteer Dave Poplau unless otherwise specified.

Himalayan Rock Jasmine
Iberian Cranesbill
Adrosace lanuginesa/Himalayan Rock Jasmine
Geranium ibericum/Iberian Crane's Bill
Lambs Ear Jacobs Ladder
Stachys Byzantina/Lambs Ear Polemonium caeruleum/Jacobs Ladder
Lilium asiatic/Asiatic Lily
Rosa/Miniature Rose
 Yellow Archangel
 Bloody Cranesbill
Rosa/Miniature Rose Lamium galeobdolon/Yellow Archangel
Geranium sanguineum/Bloody Cranesbill
Canadian Anemone
Clustered Bellflower
Coral Bells
Anemone canadensis/Canadian anemone
Campanula Glomerata/Clustered Bellflower
Heuchera/Coral Bells
False Indigo
Meadow Sage
Baptisia australis/False Indigo
Salvia madeline/Meadow Sage
Lady Slipper
 Siberian Pea Shrub  Willow Amsonia
Cypripediam parviflorum/Small Yellow Lady Slipper
 Caragana arborescens/Siberian Pea Shrub
 Amsonia tabernaemontana/Willow Amsonia
Cushion Spurge Pansies Yarrow
Euphorbia polychroma/Cushion Spurge
Viola wittrockiana/Pansies Achillea/Yarrow
clematis Candytuft Kordesii Rose
Clematis/Clematis Blue Ice Ivirus Sempervirens/Candytuft Rosa/Kordesii Rose
Wild Blue Phlox Foam Flower Hibiscus
Phlox divaricata/Wild Blue Phlox
Tiarella/Foam Flower
Hibiscus rosa - sinensis/Chinese Hibiscus
showy ladys slipper
Foxglove Chives
Cypripedium reginae/Showy lady's slipper by Tom Brinda
Digitalis purpurea/Foxglove Alium schoenoprasum/Chives
Impatiens Marigold Shrub Rose
Impatiens/Impatiens Tagetes/Marigold Rosa/Shrub Rose
Catmint Astilbe
Nepeta x faassenii/Catmint Astilbe/Astilbe Hemerocallis/Daylily
Japanese Iris
Oriental Poppy
Iris Ensata/Japanese Iris
Papaver Orientale/Oriental Poppy
Persicaria Polymorphos/Persicaria
Snapdragon  Sneezeweed
Rosa/Rose Antirrhinum/Snapdragon Helenium/Sneezeweed
Sweet Allysum Zinnia Caladium
Lobularia Maritima/Sweet Alyssum
Zinnia/Zinnia Caladium/Elephant Ears
Echinacea Delphinium Hydrangea
Echinacea/Coneflower Delphinium/Larkspur Hydrangea/Hydrangea