A Colorful Mix (Updated Sept. 27) -  Early fall tree colors create a beautiful backdrop to all the blooming that goes on at this time
of year. For a particularly lovely walk, start out at the MacMillan Terrace behind the Snyder Building and follow the stone walkway to the Perennial Garden, then keep going to the roadway where the Annual Garden begins. Once you are done there, walk down the hill to the
Sensory Garden, which is an absolute feast for the eyes, displaying a true rainbow of hues from summer right through late fall.
The hop-on,
hop-off Bee Line Shuttles (Thursday through Sunday, 11:30-4:30) make it easy to spend the day and see everything
the Arboretum has to offer.

All photos by Arboretum volunteer Dave Poplau unless otherwise specified.

Hibiscus New Guinea Impatiens
Dahlia /Dahlia Hibiscus /Dinner Plate Hibiscus Impatiens hawkeri /New Guinea
Absinthe Stonecrop Geranium
Artemisia absinthium /Absinthe Hyloteleprium /Stonecrop Pelargonium /Geranium
Hybrid Dianthus Verbena Iberian Cranesbill
Dianthus /Dianthus
Verbena /Verbena
Geranium ibericum /Iberian Crane's Bill
Begonia /Begonia
Petunia /Petunia
Echinacea /Coneflower
Meadow Phlox
Nymphaea / Waterlily Phlox maculata /Meadow Phlox
Heliotropium arborescens /Heliotrope
Rosa/Miniature Rose




Bloody Cranesbill
Rosa / Miniature Rose Mandevilla /Mandevilla Geranium sanguineum /Bloody Cranesbill
Hosta Plantain Lily Clustered Bellflower
Globe Thistle
Hosta /Plantain Lily
Campanula Glomerata
/Clustered Bellflower
Echinops Ritro /Globe Thistle
Hydrangea Cockscomb Bellflower
Hydrangea /Hydrangea Celosia /Cockscomb Campanula /Bellflower
Canna Vinca
Korean Mint
Canna /Canna Cantharansus roseus /Madagascar
Agastache rugosa /Korean Mint
Rudbeckia Scarlett Salvia Yarrow
Rudbeckia gloriosa /Black-Eyed Susan Salvia Splendens /Scarlett Salvia Achillea /Yarrow
clematis Globe Amaranth Russian sage
Clematis /Clematis Gomphrena globosa /Globe Amaranth Petrovskia atriplicifolia /Russian Sage    
Mealy Cup Sage
Angelonia /Angelonia Salvia farinacea /Mealy-Cup Salvia Hibiscus rosa - sinensis /Chinese Hibiscus
Marigold Prairie Dropweed
Impatiens /Impatiens Tagetes /Marigold Sporobolus Heterolepsus /Prairie Dropweed
Potentilla Persicaria Shrub Rose
Potentilla fruticosa /Shrubby Cinquefoil Persicaria Polymorphos /Persicaria Rosa /Shrub Rose
Pink Mulla Mulla
Ptilotus Exaltatus /Pink Mulla Mulla
Astilbe /Astilbe Hemerocallis /Daylily
Snapdragon  Helenium Autumnale
Rosa /Rose Antirrhinum /Snapdragon Helenium autumnale /Sneezeweed
Sweet Allysum Zinnia Caladium
Lobularia Maritima /Sweet Alyssum
Zinnia /Zinnia Caladium /Elephant Ears
Flowering Spurge Grape Leaf Anemone
Mexican Tarragon
Euphorbia corollata /Flowering Spurge Anemone tomentosa
/Grape Leaf Anemone
Tagetes lucida /Mexican Tarragon

Helianthus annuus /Sunflower