Mid-Spring Blooms (Updated May 19) - Late lilacs are still in spectacular bloom, as can be seen right at the gatehouse as visitors enter the grounds. Azaleas are putting on quite a show in the Woodland Azalea Garden, but also in the lesser-known Azalea Trials just past the Harrison Sculpture Garden on Three-Mile Drive. Many of the shrub collections on the drive are in late spring bloom as well. The Dayton Wildflower Garden has lots of beautiful spring blossoms too. 

All photos by Arboretum volunteer Dave Poplau unless otherwise specified.

Creeping Phlox
Phlox stolonifera/Creeping Phlox
Syringa/Lilacs Muscari/Hyacinth by Lynne Miller
Snow Trillium
Celandine Poppy
Prairie Smoke
Trillium navale/Snow Trillium

Stylophorum diphyllum/Celandine Poppy
Geum triflorum/Prairie Smoke by
Greg Lecker
Marsh Marigold
Caltha palustris/Marsh Marigold
Mertensia Virginica/Virginia Bluebell
Cercis Canadensis/Redbud by Barb Kastens
 Gold Heart Bleeding Heart
 Yellow Archangel
 Wild Ginger
Dicentra spectabilis/Gold Heart Bleeding Heart
Lamium galeobdolon/Yellow Archangel
Asarum canadense/Canada Wild Ginger
False Rue Anemone
Enemion biternatum/False Rue Anemone
Hepatica acutiloba/Sharp-lobed Hepatica
Tulip Trout Lily  Iris
Tulipa/Tulip Erythronium americanum/Yellow Trout Lily
Wild Violets  Siberian Pea Shrub  Common Periwinkle
Viola papillonacea/Wild Violet
 Caragana arborescens/Siberian Pea Shrub
 Littorina littorea/Common Periwinkle
Cushion Spurge Lungwort Serviceberry
Euphorbia polychroma/Cushion Spurge
Pulmonaria/Lungwort Amelanchier/Serviceberry
Pansies Sand Phlox Barrenwort
Viola wittrockiana/Pansies Phlox bifida/Sand Phlox
Judd Viburnum Northern Blueberry  Azalea
Viburnum x juddii/Judd Vibernum
Vaccinium sorymbosum/Northern Blueberry
Dwarf Witch Alder Basket of Gold Moss Phlox
Fotherdilla gardenii L/Dwarf Witch Alder
Aurinia saxatilis/Basket-of-Gold
Phlox subulata/Moss Phlox
Alpine Rock Cress  Hearleaf Leopard's Bane Bugleweed 
Arabis alpina L./Alpine Rock Cress
Doronicum orientale/Hearleaf Leopard's Bane
Ajuga reptans/Bugleweed 
Siberian Bugloss Candytuft  Triandrus Daffodil
Brunnera Macrophylla/Siberian Bugloss
Ivirus Sempervirens/Candytuft Narcissus Hawera/Triandrus Daffodil
Wild Blue Phlox Foam Flower Double Late Tulip
Phlox Divaricata/Wild Blue Phlox
Tiarella/Foam Flower
Tulipa/Double Late Tulip