Weekend Family Fun

Stop by the Learning Center on Weekends between noon and 4 p.m. for drop-in free family activities. Plant seeds, explore the greenhouse, cook a garden-fresh bite to eat, and look at plants with a microscope with your family at your own pace. Celebrate the changing seasons with new activities each month.

 Caterpillar in child's hand June - Hungry Caterpillars
Saturdays and Sundays in June, noon - 4 p.m.
Learning Center

Drop by the Learning Center with your family for a visit with some chewing, chomping, hungry caterpillars. Play a game to see which plants are right to feed your favorite caterpillars. Volunteer to help monitor our milkweed patch and find monarch butterfly eggs and caterpillars. Pot a caterpillar host plant to grow in your garden at home and create a bold and brightly colored pocket-sized caterpillar pet.

 Girl holding monarch butterfly

July - Nectar Sippers
Saturdays and Sundays in July, noon - 4 p.m.
Learning Center

Marvel at the winged world of pollinators who sip, slurp, and savor nourishing flower nectar. Check the butterfly house in the learning center to see if any new butterflies have emerged. Use a microscope to see up close inside flowers and find out where nectar comes from. Play a pollinator game and learn flower favorites for bees, bats, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Plant a nectar flower to feed the butterflies in your garden.

 Brown and orange butterfly on Prairie Cone Flower August - Prairie Pollinators
Saturdays and Sundays in August, noon - 4 p.m.
Learning Center

Search the prairie garden with your family and spot the late bloomers that flower in prairie meadows. Along the way meet the butterflies, bees, and birds that call the prairie home. Unearth the mystery of how long the roots are on prairie plants. Select seeds to start your own prairie meadow and braid a sweet grass bundle.

 Cattail in a bog
September - Soggy Bog Plants
Saturdays and Sundays in September, noon - 4 p.m.
Learning Center

Join other families interested in the wondrous watery world of the water boatman bugs, cattails, and duckweed. Experiment with bog plants and view them up close with microscopes. Search for the soggy boggy water plants growing in the greenhouse and discover how they have adapted to growing in and on top of the water. Create art from cattails to take home.


Take along some kid-friendly tips when you head out to explore 1200 acres of gardens and natural areas. See SELF GUIDED VISITS for ideas.