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Wayzata Reel


Phillip King


Phillip King is a British sculptor in the "New Generation" group of artists. He worked as an assistant to Henry Moore early in his career. With his vibrant palette and bold use of geometry, he takes contemporary sculpture into realms explored by Abstract Expressionist painting. One of the three reels created by King in 1969, he renamed the piece after visitng the Harrisons at their home in Wayzata, Minn. King aims for the visual experience of his work to create a sensation of movement. The artist said of his work, "It is a much more heavy thing, a slow lift and movement of one thing against another, rather than a tip-toe jumpy thing."


For the Young (and Young at Heart)

Walk slowly all the way around this piece. Watch how the basic that shapes used by this artist shift their form and connection, depending on where you stand. Now find your favorite viewing place. Why do you like it? Share it with a friend, and ask to see theirs.


Wayzata Reel

Phillip King, England, Reel 3, 1969; retitled by artist Wayzata Reel, 2006; Mild steel, zinc sprayed and stove enamelled.