Current Volunteer Opportunities

All opportunities listed are for current and registered Arboretum volunteers. A mandatory New Volunteer Orientation and qualification process is required before pursuing any opportunity. Learn more and sign up.

All volunteers will also receive a Volunteer News enewsletter on the first Wednesday of every month. During our busiest months, you will get a mid-month update as well. This newsletter is your source for important updates and announcements, hearing about new opportunities, special perks, and more!

Special Events for Volunteers:

Furthering Equity and Inclusion Your role as a volunteer is an essential component to our success in greeting and making all guests feel welcome. The Arboretum continues to explore ways to engage all Minnesotans and visitors from afar. In order to do that in the best way possible, we need to know ourselves and how to relate to those who may have a life experience very different from our own. We invite you to explore some themes along with us as we prepare for an ever-changing social landscape. Second in the series, Intercultural Competency, takes place April 26th. Click here for more details and to RSVP

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If you enjoy administrative tasks and need flexibility, sign up to help our office staff. We have many opportunities in various departments helping staff do such things as data input, mailings, reception duties, note takers, and many more!

Marketing and PR

Social Media Assistant

Research and Identification

NEW! Plant Label Production



Guest Services

NEW! Tram Ticket Volunteer




The Education Department is always looking for fun and energetic volunteers to join the team. Volunteer Opportunities include: Learning Center Instructors, Office Assistants, Class Registrars, Green House Maintenance Crew, Family Program Assistants, Summer Garden Assistants, Technology Team, and Special Projects/Events.

NEW! Pollinator Superheroes

NEW! 2018 Children's Garden at the Learning Center

NEW! Ready, Set, Grow Volunteer Training

NEW! Ready, Set, Grow Teacher's Packet Assembly

Youth Education Volunteer Instructor


NEW! Early May, Spring Field Trip instructor training!

Woods In Bloom

Spring To Life

Japanese Garden

NEW! Discover Spring Peeper Meadow

Sign up for Plant Maker Studio - Ongoing weekend programs. We could use your help! All training provided.




Our events and exhibits are a fun way for visitors and volunteers to enjoy the Arboretum. Each event or exhibit has a number of different volunteer roles that are integral to the success! Annual events include the Pancake Brunch, Gala in the Gardens and Toast & Taste. Other smaller events and seasonal events take place throughout the year. Exhibits are typically during the late Spring and Summer months and change yearly.

Bud Break 5K

We Need Your Help! (It won't snow forever) All  About Dogs Day

Origami in the Gardens

2018 Auxiliary Plant Sale




 volunteers helping with spring garden clean up

Have fun digging in the dirt and learning from experienced landscape gardeners. Each crew has different shifts and works in different areas of the garden, so there is something for everyone. Experience level of volunteers range from novice to expert, so come ready to learn and get your hands in the dirt! *It's never too early to start thinking about spring. If you're interested in any of these gardening opportunities, set up a time to talk with a staff member*

Roses, Azeleas, Home Demo Gardens with Ted Pew

Tree & Shrub Crew with Jeffrey Johnson

Annual/Perennial and Container Gardens with Duane Otto

Chinese Garden/Harrison Sculpture Garden with Erik Lemke

Japanese Garden

Native Area Restoration

Sensory and/or Iris Gardens


The Arboretum is always looking for people with all types of skill sets for special assignments. If you're interested in doing something different, check out this category for the more unique volunteer opportunities. 

2018 Arboretum Ambassadors

2018 Mobility Assistant

Something special for those of you that are Master Gardeners - Flowers for Pollinators Volunteer Instructor







 volunteers from Kohl's

If you have interest in planning a group, one time, or corporate volunteer opportunity at the Arboretum, please send your requests to the Volunteer Center Manager at

See the work accomplished by some of our group and corporate volunteers!


*General Hours Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm

*Hours Subject to Change 


Phone 612-301-1203

These events are for current and active Arboretum volunteers and are by invite only.

**Annual Appreciation BBQ** Summer/Fall - September 26th, 2018 - open to all volunteers

**Annual Appreciation Events** Spring of 2018 May 3rd or May 17th - Invitation only based on hours volunteered


*RSVP required for appreciation events by deadline on invitations. RSVP by email to or by calling 612 625-9987 You may bring a guest.  When you make your reservation, please indicate if you are coming with a guest.


Membership - All members have access to becoming a volunteer

Become a member of the Arboretum today

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University of Minnesota Equity and Diversity Framework

University of Minnesota - Safety of Minors Policy

University of Minnesota - Safety of Minors Training Module

Expectations for Interacting with Youth (PDF alternative to SOM Training Module)


Arboretum Volunteer Policies & Procedures

Arboretum Volunteer Background Check Policy

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Arboretum Policies & Procedures for Recording Volunteer Hours

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Purchase a Replacement Name Tag $10 (Exisiting Volunteers)

Order a Background Check  (Existing Volunteers) You must also download a copy of a Summary of Rights

Purchase a New Volunteer Package $40 (New Volunteers)