Updated Sept. 19 - Color is starting to appear!  A few Sugar Maples have branches with red or orange leaves.  Elms, green ash and boxelder are turning yellow. Viburnums, dogwoods, sumacs and Amur maples are turning shades of red. The Prairie is very colorful, with tall grasses in shades of gold, maroon and russet . Asters are blooming in white, blue and violet.  Throughout the grasses, sunflowers and goldenrods are adding yellow to the mix.  The percent of color should move from 5 to 15 by the end of next week.  We expect a good fall color display this year.  The trees have received plenty of moisture this spring and summer.  With continued cool nights and sunny days, the maple leaves will produce bright reds, oranges and yellows. The trees should have peak color about the second week of October, with the oak trees adding reds and russet later in the month..   Don't miss the Scarecrows in the Garden exhibit, on display through Oct. 26.