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Sud II


Mimmo Paladino


Paladino belonged to the 'Transavanguardia' (beyond the avant-garde) during the 1970's. Th­is group of Italian artists worked in the Neo-Expressionist style, returning to traditional and recognizable subjects in sculpture and painting. History, mythology and the human form were central concerns. The artist has said of his work, "Art is not a superficial thing, nor a sociological thing, nor a poetic storm. Art is a slow process around a language of signs."


For the Young (and Young at Heart)

This artist is interested in classical myths, magic and ancient times. Myths are legends that help explain a people's beliefs. Do any of his images on the sculpture remind you of a myth you know? Try making up your own story about an image you like.


Sud II


Mimmo Paladino, Italy, Sud II; Bronze.